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Giá xe Toyota 2018 change after applying the import tax rate of 0%? What is the promotion for the Toyota 2018 ? For the "customer" as well as the desire to bring the best benefits to customers, Toyota Ly Thuong Kiet will update the latest information on the price of the Toyota 2018 with the "hot hands" when buying. 
This month, customers will enjoy a wide range of travel options, and enjoy the full range of enhanced amenities for you and your family. And sure, this useful information will satisfy many customers. 

 The latest Toyota 2018 price list is available in April  

 The  latest Toyota 2018 prices are updated at the following price lists for Toyota models: Vios 2018, Altis 2018, Fortuner 2018, Innova 2018, Yaris, Hilux 2018, Prado 2018, Hiace, Land Cruiser. , Alphard, Camry 2018, Wigo 2018 with the prices included (VAT) for customers to reference:
Price for toyota 2018

The Toyota promotion program applies to customers at Toyota Ly Thuong Kiet

Currently, the commercial market is becoming fierce, the  price of the Toyota 2018  is competitive. However, with the motto "customer trust company delivery, company credit customer prestige". Customer preference is a great success of the company. Therefore, the company is constantly striving to bring the best for customers.


Therefore, the beautiful model, good price mentioned below will be the most useful information to help customers have and intend to buy car thoroughly understand the product and choose the most suitable car.

Price Toyota Vios 2018

Toyota Vios is not only famous in the 2016, 2017 but by 2018 continues to lead the segment, receiving the attention of the most customers.

The biggest attraction of this B class toy in recent generations has made it clearer to say that Toyota Vios is the cheapest, compact size for versatile mobility. In the winter, the ability to consume less fuel (only 5.5 liters / 100km). In September of the same year, the Vios upgraded with a new generation of intelligent cars (Dual VVT-i), CVT gearboxes with four colors: Black, Brown, Silver, White and special edition. The cheap Vios 1.5E CVT was launched to serve customers.

Giá xe toyota Vios 2018

Unlike other product lines, Vios has sharp lines, new generation of breakthroughs attracted all the looks look full of personality but still no luxury, attracting attention on every road.

Hence, the success of resounding remarkable in 2017. Price Vios  continues to lead the segment and maintained the best seller in Vietnam with 22,260 cars. This causes the other rivals of it and even the adjacent segments to influence.

Thus, the price of Toyota Vios is considered a reference to many people buying cars today.

Price Toyota Vios 1.5G (automatic): 565 million VND

Toyota Vios 1.5 E CVT (automatic): 535 million VND

Toyota Vios 1.5E MT (floor number): 513 million VND

Vios Limo (taxi): 484 million VND (wholesale only)

Price Toyota Altis 2018

This is a medium size (C) car with reasonable prices and always stay safe. Toyota's Altissedan cars are the world's most popular and appreciate the same driving experience as a racing car with powerful performance and fuel economy. Therefore, the product has met the needs of the majority of customers, regardless of who they are, what their financial ability is. However, this product is not very well known in the market, but sales Altis car sales in 2017 also has a breakthrough worth noting and still holds an irreplaceable position in the hearts of consumers. in the land of Vietnam.

The highlight of the product is an updated version of the Toyota Altis 2018 upgrade launched in September 2014 with a slight improvement in exterior, comfort and safety. In this modification, the Altis has five versions: the Altis 1.8E MT, the Altis 1.8E CVT, the Altis 1.8G CVT, the Altis 2.0V Luxury, ) and the Altis 2.0V Sport (number auto) has caught the attention of crowded customers.

Price of Toyota Altis 2018  1.8E MT 2018: 678 million

Toyota Altis 1.8E CVT 2018: 707 million VND

Toyota Altis 1.8G CVT 2018: 753 million VND

Price of Toyota Altis 2.0V Luxury 2018: 864 million

Price of Toyota Altis 2.0V Sport 2018: 905 million

Price Toyota Camry 2018

This is the middle class sedan (D) in the Vietnam market. The product marks 20 years of launch in the Vietnamese market since its first launch in January 1998.

Products with improved version 2018 officially launched in 10/10/2017 is still with 3 versions are 2.0 E, 2.5 G and 2.5Q. Although, all three versions are almost identical exterior: Design in Lexus style, HID lamps, doors without brace. However, the 2.5 Q version features a striking new orange tone, a 7 "DVD screen, 3-zone automatic DVD player, two other versions with leather seats, CD player, area, smartkey, lazang 17 ". Especially in the new generation 2018 all 3 versions are equipped with electronic balance VSC, 7 airbags. 

The dynamic exterior of the car and the style of the owner as well. Therefore, the product has won the hearts of many customers, including the most difficult customers. In particular, in the year 2018, the Toyota Camry 208 has added a new choice of exquisite white pearl, attracting him to look at very good prices as follows:

Giá xe Camry 2018

Toyota Camry 2.0 E: 997.000.000 VNĐ

Price Toyota Camry 2.5Q: 1.302.000.000 VNĐ

Price Toyota Camry 2018 2.5G: VNĐ

Price Toyota Camry 2.5 G (White Pearl): VNĐ

Price Toyota Camry 2.5 Q (White Pearl): 1.310.000.000 VND

Price Toyota Fortuner 2018

This is the leading car segment of the import and distribution segment expressing the strong SUV power, pride.

The product has marked a change in the policy of Toyota Group in Vietnam market. With basic specifications: DRC 4795 x 1855 x 1835mm, wheelbase: 2745mm, vehicle ground clearance: 219mm, wheelbase 5.9m, tire 265 / 60R18, petrol engine 2.7L, oil 2,4L are Euro 4 emissions standards. Therefore, the car is "doing rain" in the Vietnamese market.

Owning 903 units was sold only in February of Dinh Dau, the Fortuner line has increasingly confirmed its strong position in the segment, while contributing to the great success of the Japanese brand. Copy. The appeal of this car has confirmed the efforts of the manufacturer to bring customers  car prices Toyota  quality is the company's greatest pleasure.

With reasonable price policy, the car is always receiving much attention of customers.

Price Toyota Fortuner 2.4G MT 4 × 2 (oil machine floor: 981 million

Price Toyota Fortuner 2.7V 4x4 (2 bridges, gasoline, automatic): 1.308 million

Price Toyota Fortuner 2.7V 4x2 (1 bridge, gasoline engine, automatic): 1.149 million

Price Toyota Innova 7 seat

This is the most popular commercial vehicle segment on the market. This car is called "Toyota's blockbuster."

With the new version launched in July 2016 with many improvements in equipment and design. Innova 2018's dimensions do not change in length x width x height is: 4735x1830x1795mm, wheelbase 2720mm for passenger compartment quite spacious and comfortable. The new generation Dual VVT-i smooth and more economical. In addition, the chassis of Innova 2018 car chassis is also improved, the shell is thicker than the old Innova version. Innova, however, is a well-known model of economics that is durable, safe, fuel efficient and of high resale value. 

In T2 / 2017, the number of cars sold 950 units no less than the Vios. And so far, Toyota  Innova car sales  have seen positive changes. This is also the car that many taxi companies "choose to send gold" to profit for themselves.

Price Toyota Innova 2.0 Venturer (08 seats - automatic): 855 million

Price Toyota Innova 2.0V (07 seats - automatic): 945 million

Toyota Innova G (8 seats - automatic): 817 million VND

Toyota Innova 2.0E (floor number): 743 million VND

Price Toyota Hilux 2018

This is a model that has not really sprung up in the Vietnamese market in 2017. However, at the end of November 1977 Toyota Hilux truck has launched customers with the latest engine a modified version of diesel 2.4. L for power 147Hp and torque 400Nm. The vehicle's emissions standard is euro 4. There are 3 versions of the Toyota Hilux 2018: Hilux 2.4E 4x2 MT, Hilux 2.4G 4x4 MT and a new Hilux 2.4E 4x2 AT. 6-speed automatic) will be the same as the Ford Ranger XLS 2.2L 4x2 AT is selling very well in the market. Another highlight of this product line is the variety of colors to help customers choose.

Price Toyota Hilux 2.4E 4x2 AT (1 auto-number): 673 million

Price Toyota Hilux 2.4E 4x2 MT (1 bridge, floor): 631 million

Price Toyota Hilux 2.4G 4x4 (2 bridge-floor number): 775 million

Price Toyota Yaris 2018

This car has a mode launched in Vietnam market on t10 / 2016 and use the new 1.5 liter Dual VVT-i technology, 107 horsepower capacity as Toyota Vios. Currently, this car is pleasing many customers in the world and Vietnam imported complete unit from Thailand.

The highlight of the line is the new automatic transmission to help smooth driving more smoothly, power steering and the ability to save more fuel. With different colors like: Red, Silver, Gray, Green, White Customers can delight choice.

Toyota Yaris 1.5E car: 592 million VND

Price Toyota Yaris 1.5G (full version): 642 million VND

Price for Toyota landcruiser Prado 2018

This is a luxury SUV, imported complete in Japan. With a total of seven 2.7-liter VVT-i engines, gasoline engines and two full-time four-wheel-drive vehicles, Although, use the volume of the engine by volume Fortuner. 

However, Prado's torque is slightly larger. The Prado 2018, launched in December 2017, features a six-speed automatic transmission, black leather interior, front seats, power amplifier, 9-speaker sound system, DVD player, multichannel display. along with the design of the box to cool drinks are very convenient. In addition, the exterior has a slight refinement of the neatly trimmed lamp, the front caliper adds a single longitudinal grille, with 7 airbags, ABS, EBD, BA, VSC stability control, traction control system TRC, backward sensing and delicate angle sensors create a sense of excitement for the user.

Land Cruiser Prado 2018: 2,262 million VND

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Price Toyota Landcruiser 2018

This is the most advanced model of Toyota Vietnam has appeared on the Asian market, including Vietnam. 

Imported from Japan. Products are priced high, but "class" of Toyota Land Cruiser is still attracting a large number of customers by the full and base version, the Land Cruiser along with the Prado dominate the luxury SUV segment in Vietnam market.

Adding to that is the highlight of the 4.6-liter V8 engine, Dual VVT-i technology, dual cam with superior terrain features continue to delight the "fan" of Toyoto Land. Cruiser in Vietnam.

Price Toyota Land Cruiser 4.6 VX: 3.650 million

Price Toyota Alphard 2018

This is a luxury multi-purpose supercar, in the large car segment (MPV), imported only complete version from Japan. The car is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine, a six-speed automatic transmission with front-wheel drive, a 271-horsepower engine at 6,200 rpm and a maximum torque of 340 Nm at 4,700 rpm. /minute. With the business seat and high-end equipment attached to make this model become the most expensive Toyota models today. This is also the first time Toyota has introduced its product line to the Vietnamese market.

More than Grand Sedona and Honda Odyssey. This car is being built to be the most luxurious MPV in the MPV segment.

Sale price of Toyota Alphard 2018 is: 3,533 billion

Price Toyota Hiace 2018

This is a 16 seat car popular in the market and distributed in Vietnam with two new versions are longer than the old Toyota Hiace to 54cm and approximately 18cm higher to create space. roof, more spacious in the car interior. The car is equipped with ABS, 02 airbags, remote power control, electric windows, 2-way air conditioner. Carry on the outstanding features, this car is many people put the name of the car is "shark" or car "pig face".

The car with a standard angular design combined with subtle curves, together with the aerodynamic head to create a strong car. Featuring 2 distinctive silver and white notes that bring luxury and excitement to the user.

Price of Hiace 2018 2.7 GAS: VND1,131 million

Price of Hiace 2018 DIEZEL: 1.240 million VND

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A list of Toyota vehicles in April 2018 is collected from a number of dealers for customers to refer. However, to buy the best price and receive the most hot promotions, you can go directly to the center, the agent where you live to be consulted more carefully.

To update the promotion program as well as price for all Toyota cars, please contact HOTLINE: 0901 818 818 for the best advice!

Wish you always happy, healthy and happy!

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