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by Shivani Sachdev Director at SCI IVF Hospital

SCI IVF Hospital has a cutting-edge embryology laboratory with the latest technology for the best results, even in the most challenging situations or those with previous failures. In Vitro Fertilization, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, Blastocyst Culture, Assisted Hatching, Pre-implantation Screening, Analysis, and other significant procedures are carried out in the laboratory. To present the most satisfying results for our patients, the lab is kept to the highest cleanliness, temperature, and air purity standards.


Our IVF clinics perform extensive andrology work since we treat the pair as complete rather than only managing the women and referring the guys if they are infertile. We serve intrauterine inseminations whenever possible and do not recommend IVF/ICSI to all patients unless their testing indicates that they have no other choice. One of the surrogacy center's specializations is to give hope to every couple that wants a child by using minimally intrusive techniques.

The cryopreservation facility is located in a separate chamber within the same lab. This is one of the best fertility clinic in Delhi most important departments. It is here that sperm, oocytes, and embryos are vitrified for future use, if necessary. Several Indian and international patients retain their embryos frozen even after they have conceived a child through IVF. Then, to create another kid with favorable results, they choose frozen embryo transfer.

We provide a very good, quiet, serene, and well-attended post-operative environment for patients undergoing IVF operations or general laparoscopic/hysteroscopic procedures to improve fertility. A minimum of two staff nurses and one reproductive medicine expert are on hand at all times to keep an eye on it. We make sure that it is India's most excellent IVF facility.

To preserve the most significant levels of hygiene, our surgical operating theatre is kept separate from the infertility treatment cost Delhi operating room and lab. Embryos are susceptible to changes in their local incubator environment, and any synthetic additives in their lab environment (such as fragrances, etc.) are harmful to them. As a result, the OTs for general gynecology are kept separate. With our state-of-the-art technology and experience handling over 10,000 IVF cases, we do laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and other procedures in the available OT.

We have consultation chambers and a separate injection room, in addition to the OTs, where the cold chain is kept at 2-8 degrees Celsius, as indicated. Patients can speak freely, share their concerns with the experts, and receive expert advice in the privacy of the chambers. The shots are given to them every day in the injection chamber by specially trained nursing professionals.

One of the essential aspects of the surrogacy facility is that the senior-most consultant and director are available throughout our cycle, rather than only meeting us on the first day and the day of embryo transfer. Here, the consultants perform our ultrasounds, explain our treatment options, and respond to every question. Dr. Director is typically available throughout the month and oversees all treatments and procedures. She handles all of the egg pickups and embryo transfers herself.

Cost of IVF

The package includes the stimulation injection, oral medication and vitamins for husband and wife during IVF stimulation, doctor consultation fees, and follicular monitoring during the IVF cycle. Pre-anesthesia examination, anesthesia charges, OT consumables, and nursing charges are also included. It covers all lab costs, including media, consumables, and embryologist expenses.

Finally, the egg retrieval and embryo transfer procedures are covered. This package includes all IVF counseling and support services during the operation and post-ovum pickup drugs, embryo transfer, and 3-month embryo freezing.

If the sperm quality is poor, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is used. The frozen embryo thawing charges are distinct if the embryos are frozen and not transferred in the same cycle for whatever reason. As we all know, occasionally, more than one IVF cycle is required for a healthy pregnancy. Thus techniques like laser embryo hatching and blastocyst transfer may be necessary for some situations. Those who are at risk of implantation failure are given immunotherapy. Dual transfer, or cleavage stage and blastocyst transfer, is done in infrequent circumstances to boost pregnancy.

Our Services

We are pretty upfront about our prices at the infertility clinics, and we advise the patient on everything right at the start of the cycle. There are no last-minute surprises because all inclusions and exclusions are clearly stated.

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