Infertility and COVID19 Vaccines - What the Best Infertility Clinics in Delhi Have to Say

by Shivani Sachdev Founder & Director

Doctors are awfully cautious about what they ask pregnant women to ingest into their bodies. That’s why the original advice was for pregnant women to avoid all COVID19 vaccines. However, the best infertility clinics in Delhi now have access to plenty of vaccine-related data. All fertility doctors claim that the COVID19 vaccines don’t cause pregnancy or fertility risks.


What Are the Most Dangerous Myths About Fertility and COVID19 Vaccines?

The myth that vaccines can negatively impact fertility is concerningly widespread. Many anti-vaccine activists are currently using pseudoscience to “prove” vaccines could damage a man's or a woman’s fertility. Here are some dangerous myths you need to be aware of –

Myth 1 - The COVID19 Vaccine Accumulates in the Woman’s Ovaries: In most studies, the vaccine was found accumulating at the injection site, i.e., the arm. After 48 hours of vaccination, the vaccine travels to the liver. Here all waste products are eliminated from the blood. Before entering the liver, the vaccine jump-starts the body’s immune system.

Myth 2 - Natural Wellness is Better than the Vaccine: Many people believe vaccines can damage a woman’s fertility. Even worse, many people believe that obtaining natural “wellness” is better for pregnant women. These “natural wellness” ideologies are historically rooted in pseudoscience. Women who have questions about their fertility issues shouldn’t fall for false information. They should instead visit the best fertility centre in Delhi and clarify their doubts.

Myth 3 – COVID Vaccines Cause Fertility Problems: Currently, there’s zero evidence that shows any COVID19 vaccine causes fertility problems in women/men.


What Do the Studies Say About Fertility and COVID19 Vaccine?

Here are the official guidelines regarding fertility and COVID19 vaccinations that all medical organizations across the globe are currently following. The USA’s CDC formulated these guidelines. They include -

  • Anyone who is trying to get pregnant – either naturally or via IVF should take COVID19 vaccinations. COVID19 vaccinations are recommended for all people over the age of 12, and that, of course, includes couples, potential surrogates, etc.
  • After receiving their first doses of the COVID19 vaccine, women who become pregnant should also get their second doses. Getting the second dose as quickly as possible gives these women and their unborn children additional protection as possible.
  • Millions of women across the world have received COVID19 vaccinations after completing their pregnancies. So far, there’s zero evidence of vaccine-related damage in the women or in their children.


Many ART banks have mandated vaccination policies for aspiring surrogates. If you want to be a surrogate mother in the post-COVID world, you must have a vaccination. Some clinics may even refuse to consider applications from non-vaccinated couples or parents.


What to Do If You Suspect Infertility?

Anyone having any doubts regarding infertility should visit the best infertility clinic in Delhi for clarifications. More importantly, don’t assume that the COVID19 vaccine has caused your infertility issues. The COVID19 vaccines have nothing to do with fertility. People who suspect they may have infertility issues must –

  • Undergo Hysterosalpingography. This X-ray procedure is available at the best infertility clinic in Delhi. It’s used to assess the insides of the female patient’s uterus and fallopian tubes. Fertility experts verify whether the patient’s fallopian tubes are partially/fully blocked. These blockages are one of the most common causes of infertility.
  • Conduct other infertility tests like hormone checkups, endometrial biopsy, laparoscopy, etc.
  • Review suitable treatment options like IVF, Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, etc.


Before visiting the best infertility clinic in Delhi, try to lead a healthy lifestyle for a couple of weeks. Acts like – maintaining body weight, reducing alcohol intake, reducing caffeine intake, etc., are very good cures for infertility. Whatever you do – don’t blame the vaccine for infertility issues!

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