Importance of Visiting Male Infertility Clinic in Delhi to Become Fertile

by Shivani Sachdev Director at SCI IVF Hospital

Infertility in men can be a reproductive problem that prevents the impregnation of the sperm into the ovum during intercourse. If you have such a problem, you may never have a child of your own. But you and your partner should not be sad as treatments can make you fertile again. 


Causes of Male Infertility

At the male infertility clinic in Delhi, your doctor will first try to find out the underlying reasons for infertility.

  • Azoospermia is a condition where the testes fail to produce sperms. 
  • Oligospermia results in low or poor quality of sperms. 
  • Malformed sperm cannot live long enough to fertilize the egg. 
  • An unhealthy lifestyle like consumption of excessive alcohol, smoking, and taking steroids.
  • Genetic diseases like Klinefelter's Syndrome, microdeletion, myotonic dystrophy, and more. 
  • Variococles where the veins on the testes are larger than normal, causing excessive heating of the sperms that affects the shape and number of the sperms.
  • There are many other reasons too. 


Tests at the clinic

As the diagnosis of the condition is important, the male fertility clinic Delhi will always suggest a list of checks and tests.


  • Sperm and semen analysis: You will get a private room where you have to provide a fresh sample of our semen. It will help to assess the sperm count and other variables in the fluid. 


The higher number of normal-shaped sperms will always indicate a higher possibility of impregnation. But normal sperm count does not indicate that you don't have any fertility issues. 


  • Thorough physical exam: a complete physical examination is necessary to detect any hormonal problem that shows up other symptoms on the different body parts. Ideally, a urologist at the best fertility clinic in Delhi should do this check-up. 
  • Hormonal evaluation: Various hormones like testosterone control the brain that relates to sperm production. But hormones are problems that can stir the condition but not cause it directly.
  • Biopsy of testes: If you don't have sperm count in the semen, then it is time for a testicular biopsy. A needle biopsy of the testicle is vital for assessing whether you are producing healthy sperms. If there are abundant present in the testes, then the blockage will be somewhere else.
  • Genetic tests: fertility issues may arise from bloodline too. So the male fertility treatment center can suggest some genetic tests. 


Treatment plans

The the ultimate goal of treating infertility is to create a pregnancy. If the clinic can successfully cure the condition's underlying cause, you can become a father through natural sex. 


  • If you have varicoceles, the clinic can use surgeries to block off the unnatural veins. It will result in a significant improvement in the fertility ratio.
  • Surgical correction can also be of much help when there are some issues in the duct that transports the sperms from the testes to the penis. 


Medicines and surgeries are vital in male infertility treatment in Delhi, especially when the doctors want to balance the hormones in the body. 


Cost factor

Treatment of infertility can be expensive, especially when you are undergoing some special procedures. To assess the right clinic, you should compare the male infertility treatment cost from multiple clinics with the same rating and standard of services. If you have a budget, then it will be easier to stick to a clinic that offers satisfactory service for the money. 


Don't compromise

Being a parent is a wonderful feeling. So the male fertility treatment cost in Delhi is reasonable nowadays. But don't try to avail of the cheap services as you don't have any guarantee about the success rate of their cases. It is better to pay some more if you get positive feedback about a clinic from multiple sources.

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