Top four advantages of pond fountains

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All home and business owners believe that water fountains are a fun, relaxing, and excellent addition to any property. It is ideal for adding some tranquility to your lawn or backyard. Whether you have a pond or lake, a fountain will help you relax to the sound of water and will always be a joy to look at. This blog will break down the top 4 advantages of having a lake or pond fountain installed. 

It helps control excessive algae growth. 

A pond fountain and its aerating process (adding O2 to your water body) can help you starve out all nutrients that algae need to prosper. This aeration will also help you effectively mix all algae spores into the deep part of your lake or pond, so they have insufficient sunlight and time to grow.

Remove any foul odor.

Pond fountains assist you by moving and mixing the water from the pond’s surface with the bottom. Keep in mind that the water towards the bottom gets oxygenated thanks to the aeration brought by the pond fountain. This process will allow any trapped hydrogen sulfide gas to escape since it tends to collect at the bottom of ponds. If not allowed to escape, this hydrogen sulfide gas can cause a foul odor in and around your water feature. 

It helps decrease mosquito activity.

Mosquitoes need still water conditions to lay eggs. A pond fountain can help you create a consistent flow of water in your pond or lake, helping you to reduce the ideal mosquito breeding habitat and act as a sustainable and natural mosquito control solution. 

Enhances fish life 

Aerating fountains can assist you greatly in creating an ideal ecosystem in your pond. By improving the overall oxygen levels both at the bottom and top of your pond or lake, all kinds of aquatic organisms will get to live in a healthier habitat. 

Considering these advantages, you will see how a pond fountain comes with several benefits besides looking great and adding value to your property. So what are you waiting for? Contact professionals and have a pond fountain installed right away! 

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