How to select the perfect fountain for you?

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A fountain is an excellent way to add a little visual appeal to the landscape of your property. Besides looking good, a pond fountain also adds a relaxing and tranquil sound of water to your backyard, lawn, or garden. However, it is not just about their aesthetic appeal.

A pond fountain also adds a lot of oxygen naturally into the pond as tiny droplets of water make contact with air and fall back inside the pond.

But will a pond fountain provide enough aeration? Like choosing an aeration system, understanding if a fountain is suitable for your pond depends on the overall shape, depth, and size.

The six-feet rule

If you have a pond that is more than six feet deep, a pond fountain will not provide enough air. Why? Pond aeration can only be achieved if the entire water body circulates at the same time.

A pond fountain will draw water only from the upper water column, so any deeper than 6 feet is going to remain oxygen-deprived and untouched.

You will have to install a professional aviation system for deeper ponds if you wish to provide complete circulation of air.

These units help you push the air through diffuser plates positioned towards the bottom of a pond. As the bubbles rise, oxygenated water from the bottom moves towards the surface, creating a healthy and aerated pond ecosystem.

How vital is the shape?

Curves and bends can add a dramatic look to your pond fountains, but they also tend to restrict air circulation.

In a pond that features a cove, island, or irregular shorelines, any oxygenated water created by the fountain might not reach a few isolated sections of your pond.

You may require multiple pond water fountains or a combination of an aeration system and a fountain if you wish to have a uniquely shaped fountain along with a healthy pond.

However, it would be best if you kept in mind that you can never over aerate a pond, but under aerate it, which may promote algae and weed growth in areas that do not get enough oxygen.

Sizing your pond fountain

If you have a pond that’s six feet deep and is uniformly shaped, then a pond fountain is an excellent option to help you aerate the pond. The only thing you need to consider now is the horsepower and the spray pattern.

  • Spray pattern

The ideal shape for adequate pond aeration is the classic V-shaped pattern. It can get the job done effectively and effortlessly.

The more decorative spray pattern your fountain has, the less likely it is to aerate your pond correctly. This is because it takes a lot of energy to create the designs than moving the water.

  • Horsepower

A good rule of thumb is to go with a 1.5 HP motor per acre when installing a pond fountain for aeration purposes. However, if you plan to use the fountain only for decoration purposes, you can choose a 1 HP motor per acre.

By keeping all these things in check, you can have a pond fountain that not just looks good but also helps you aerate a pond without much effort.

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