Five Cool Advantages Of Pond Fountains You Haven't Considered!

by Eagle Fountains We Sell The Most Rugged Pond Fountain Pumps

Pond fountains are always a great addition to your property. You can use them as a centerpiece for your garden or help you accent other elements in the landscape. Several pond fountains on the market offer you a variety of features. 

But a pond fountain will do more than sit there and look pretty on your property. It will also help you in several ways. For instance, a pond fountain can significantly improve the overall quality of water and offer a cleaner natural habitat for all aquatic plants, fish, and other animal life. 

Are you still wondering if you should install a pond fountain on your property? We can help. Continue reading to discover a few facts that may help you see how a pond fountain can add health and beauty to your lake, pond, and surrounding areas. 

No More Foul Odor 

Several factors can affect the overall oxygen level in a water body. It generally includes water depth, temperature, circulation, etc. In a stratified water body like a pond, you can easily see distinct layers of water. The topmost layer gets the most light and warmth from the sun and has less organic matter.

Most organic matter tends to settle at the lower layers or the bottom of your lake or pond. This is where bacteria live and consume oxygen. They can quickly consume all oxygen, and with no light for plants, they quickly take control of the bottom layers. As it continues to break matter, it results in excessive hydrogen sulfide buildup (the primary cause of foul odor). 

This is where a residential or commercial pond fountain can help you. Since the bottom layers get the oxygen it needs, it reduces the overall buildup of hydrogen sulfide and eliminates foul odors. 

No More Mosquito Problems 

Mosquitoes are irritating insects that thrive on still water, so a pond fountain can help you combat this issue. Stagnant lakes and ponds are perfect breeding grounds for these insects, so you should keep the water moving if you want to ensure mosquito eggs don't survive. Generally, mosquitoes won't fancy an area at all and will select a different location to lay eggs. 

Control Algae Growth 

If you maintain a lake or pond, you may understand how painful and tedious it can be to deal with excessive algae growth. Algae tend to thrive off carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight. The limited exposure to the sun gives them much less time to grow. A bond fountain can help you regulate the water and push algae spores deeper into the water where they do not get enough sunlight.

So, if you plan to install a pond fountain on your residential or commercial property anytime soon, know that you will get more than just a pretty face. If you need more information about how a pond fountain could affect your water body, you can always speak with a professional pond fountain expert.

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