Is it good for you to install a pond fountain?

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Were you aware that a water feature such as a pond fountain can help reduce stress? Studies show that your blood pressure and heart rate can return to normal levels when surrounded by nature. Water features such as pond fountains can help soothe your nerves and improve the overall mental well-being faster than green scenery.

Are you contemplating if you need to install a pond fountain? Let us take a look at a few benefits to help you decide.

Types of pond fountain

There are two critical types of pond fountains that you can choose from aerating fountains and decorated fountains. Aeration means the process of circulating oxygen into a water body, and these fountains help ensure that all living creatures within the water body get enough oxygen to survive. It is crucial if you wish to make your pond a suitable habitat for water animals and organisms.

Aerating fountains are ideal for shallow ponds; however, you can still upgrade them to suit larger water bodies. Moreover, you can always add lighting fixtures to make these fountains an eye-catching centerpiece for your home, especially at night. Keep in mind that these types of fountains offer much more volume and water movement.

Decorative pond fountain

Decorative fountains are often used in properties to increase the overall aesthetic value. These types of pond fountains can range from 20 feet or more in height and often come with an interchangeable nozzle that allows them to create numerous patterns. They are ideally commercial pond fountains that help you beautify a space effortlessly.

Do pond fountains need regular maintenance?

Most pond fountains often require little to no maintenance tasks, and you will only have to monitor its pump to make sure that nothing is blocking the water flow. Most pond fountains are not prone to clogs since they feature a grate on the bottom. Any debris such as sticks and leaves tend to get pulverized when they reach near the motor. Nevertheless, excessive mineral buildup can end up causing damage to your pump and motor. It is best if you remove and flush your pond fountain with fresh water at least once before every season to keep its quality in check.

Advantages of pond fountains

Installing a fountain on your pond can help you increase your home's overall value. However, it has much more value beyond monetary levels since it offers numerous benefits to its owners. For example, installing a pond fountain can help you improve the overall quality of water in your pond and prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

If your pond has less oxygen, sediment in the bottom will release gases, which can cause issues with the quality of water. By installing a pond fountain, you can completely mitigate such issues effortlessly.

Moreover, a pond fountain can also help you prevent excessive algae growth. The disruption caused by a fountain enables you to mix algae spores and send them down to the pond's bottom. Since there is little to no sunlight at the bottom, algae will not grow and prosper.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance water feature that can help you increase your overall home value, then a pond fountain is the answer.

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