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So let's add another text box big. Grab the text tool and go ahead and type in let's just do Option, for now, we can figure out details later on what we want to say. So we're gonna just do a fill. And remember we already have our colors saved so we're going to go to digital marketing agency india our globe styles which are down here in the lower left. We're gonna be able to recall an orange option or we can do a purple option so let's do a yellow-orange color and bring this down to option. Let's make this a little bit smaller. I'm going to go over here to our Tex panel and make that fifty-five. That's pretty big.
So let's make that. This is kept adjusting till we can find the right sizing and once we do well we can save this as digital marketing agency pune a global style as well so we go down to our styles we can right click and do add character style to assets. So it's going to add this character style. So if I ever want to bring out this again I can easily bring it out with that same size and same color. Let's make this a little bit longer and let's add another little body copy or paragraph copy to our items so we're going to go ahead and bring out the text tool but we're going to click and drag and make a paragraph text box. Find out best results with 99Profile.

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I'm going to just grab some generic text I have right here and copy it and paste but make sure my text tools back out again paste it we're gonna need to change this significantly to be our body copy. So I'm going to highlight all I'm going to go over to my global star my assets panel and click on my gray and let's make this railway. That's what we were using in our poster for our body copy so we're going to use digital marketing agency pune that per paragraph copy and let's make it significantly smaller maybe or in this case. And let's make it a regular weight or a medium in this case. Of a kind of coming together slowly.
  • So now we're going to change the alignment we do a center alignment or we can go up and do a left alignment and we need to change that letting our gapping between the spacing I'm going to go here right here in this area and go ahead and try out. See how that works. We can widen it a little bit more to have some nice spacing but not too much.
  • So now this looks like any other text box and in designer or illustrator you can go ahead and pop this under here and I want to make it quite as long. So it's going to have it be a digital marketing agency pune simple sentences just enough to kind of explain a little further what the user needs to do or what will be in here when the user does click on the button.
  • I think I could do a center alignment here because I don't have a whole lot of text so let's do center alignment center alignments nice when you have smaller text boxes the larger your text box gets the more left alignment tends to work out a little better. So I'm going to change this so I don't have digital marketing agency pune an orphan it's called Orphan it's all by himself. Just one word it looks strange. We don't want that.

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So we want to close the gap so we don't have an orphan and we can also change our pixels is automatically happening when I drag digital marketing agency pune your smart guys are kicking in its notice that kind of cyan colored blue line that means this is going to be center aligned with that white box same thing I can go ahead and drag this till I can get some center alignment and I'm good to go.
  1. So let me go ahead and change everything about this box because once we start to repeat it we're going to be creating lots of different versions of this box so let's get this box perfect before we start to repeat it.
  2. So you get as close the gap. You notice how it's kind of automatically adapting the photo to when we make it a different size so I'm going to zoom out so I can get a good digital marketing agency pune idea of layout so we could even do four across the bottom the list does three four now and I think I'll be able to expand that a little wider because we got to think about mobile options.
  3. So when this does collapse and the mobile option we have responsive design this is going to be shown first and it's going to be stacked. So you could have the second one here in the third one here. So that's why I have an image to these it looks a little redundant on a desktop. But when you do have a mobile view that image along with the link does kind of help. Instead of just having a symbol but yeah we could do custom icons instead of a photo. We don't have to have photos but just for this case, we do. So here is the digital marketing agency pune cool trick. It's called a repeat grid. So I'm got to go ahead and group this together as one unit. So it is right clicked and I grouped it and I got to go ahead and click on this repeat grid over here on the upper right column.

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