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Everyone and welcome back to this class in this lecture I'm going to go over a better way to install data science and machine learning libraries for Python for Windows users this can be done by joining digital marketing agency Pune. Historically Windows users have had a lot of problems installing this stuff. Luckily these days there is an option that makes things very painless and just as easy as they are on Linux or Mac that is Anaconda. Even if you're not on Windows you can still use Anaconda. It's nice because it isolates your environment from the defaults provided on your system. So, for example, you can have Python in Anaconda but Python as your system default. When I first started these courses I wasn't keen on Windows since there were a few essential libraries that couldn't be installed on Windows without a significant amount of effort. 

And believe me, some students even have trouble with that so it's good not to make things too complicated before you can even begin the course. Nowadays that is changed. It's a lot easier to install things on Windows. Best Digital agency In large part thanks to Anaconda. And so this lecture is all about how to install all the data science and machine learning libraries you'll need on Windows using Anaconda. You'll find that most of the common libraries such as pi and supply are already included. So if that's all you want to use them for you it's just a one-click install on this slide. I'm going to give you a super short summarize version of this lecture so you don't have to walk through the installation with me if you don't want to. For some people that helps since you can see it. digital marketing agency Pune But if you can do it on your feel free so number one. 

Download and install Anaconda. This is just a one-click install. It already includes some pie's Type-I not plugged lib and pandas. That's all we need for the NUMP stack in Python. Linear regression and logistic regression and a few more courses. It also comes with K which is what we use for an LP and psyche learning which has some pre-built machine learning models. Now even though this stuff comes by default you can still update them if you want so you can do Conder update an umpire for example and that will update by number install deep learning libraries. We've got Pipp installed sensor flow that's going to install tens of flow and if you want to install Keras you have to first do Konda in Stoppit which is going to update Pipp and then you can install Karris using piping Stolle care us if you don't update Pipp marketing agency Pune You might get an error X we have a C in Teekay which is Microsoft's deepening library. So you do Pipp install and then the C and Teekay euro which you can get from Microsoft's Web site. So I'm not posting any you are all here because the version could likely change in the future. And so you can Google search how to install CNC K and you can get a euro just like this.

Next, we have pie torcher that's Konda and start minus see Peter J.C: pie torcher. After that, we have CNO So that's Konda and start CNO or Conda install Viendo pide you. If you have an Nvidia you and you've installed the cooler tool kit already. Number install open a gym that's just Pipp style gym if you want to be able to play Atari games also then that's more involved so just skip to the end of this lecture where I walk through that if you want to play and save videos using open gym then you also have to install FFM pick So the first thing we're going to do is go over to the Anaconda Web site that's Anaconda's dot com slash download. digital marketing agency Pune So in that regard, it doesn't matter which when you get in the lectures you might see Python to code. But the best way to make sure you're seeing the latest version is to get pole inside the course repo. So make sure you're always doing that because I'm constantly making new updates. Now though Python is newer There are still reasons to use Python. For example, in your work, you might use Python or certain platforms like Google App Engine only support Python too. 

So if you are running a web app that means you're stuck with Python too. It does have great scalability features so there are many good reasons to use Google App Engine if you want to get more insight on whether to choose Python to Python. Just check out the appendix lecture Python vs Python. So now that we've downloaded the install file all we need to do is click on marketing agency Pune That's what I mean by one click install you click on this here OK a few times and everything is done. Unfortunately, I gave my username space which kind of sucks but that's what happened. So I'm sure some of you have a space in your username too. So if I come across any issues at least you'll know what to do. All right so everything's installed.

So essentially everything except the deep flouring libraries has already been automatically installed so you don't need to manually install NUMP by Sipar Matlab live. And as I Python or Sikat learn so if you're taking my Numpad course or any course that doesn't use modern deep learning libraries you already have everything you need. So let's go into Python and make sure that's the case. To start Python I go to the start menu type in Anaconda and then this anaconda prompt application should pop up. digital marketing agency Pune It should pop up before you even finish typing Anaconda. So we go into there and this brings up a command line terminal.

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