Top 5 reasons you should run a website speed test regularly

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Do you know, running a website speed test regularly will bring you some benefits? It is advised that you should conduct the test at least once a week not only used when you meet a slow network connection. So, why we need to often run a speed test? Let’s find out.

Top 5 reasons you should run a website speed test regularly 

Top 5 reasons you should run a website speed test regularly 

The website speed test is easy to use and not time-consuming

Using a website speed test will not take you a lot of time. It is Quick, compact, and convenient for all users. With simple manipulations, you can get the results to know the current network speed. A reliable website speed test you can use is

Visit the website or download it to your devices.

The friendly display of the MySpeed speed test

Opening the homepage, clicking the “GO” button and then the speed testing will start running. The whole process will take you a couple of seconds up to a minute which depends on your internet speed. As you can see, this is easy to use and not time-consuming. 

In addition, not only conduct Speedtest WIFI, but MySpeed also can measure mobile data, you can download a speed test app on Android, IOS operating system. An advantage of this installment is that you can check mobile data performance at any time, anywhere you want. Moreover, the display of these internet speed test is often friendly- design, easy to use. 

Notice you’re getting what you’ve paid for

Running a website speed test regularly also helps you notice you’re getting what you’ve paid for. The home internet package you have paid monthly is not cheap therefore, to avoid wasting money, it is important to notice that package is whether worthy or not. 

When the speed test ( is used frequently, you can know if the internet package you are choosing is suitable or not. With that package, do both you and your family member have a good internet experience? If the answer is no, you could upgrade the internet package and see the difference. However, when you pay more money for a higher internet speed but there is no change, it’s time for you to call ISP to require an explanation. Otherwise, when you get a lower internet package, members still use the internet comfortably. You can save money from that.

Find the best internet service, provider

Moreover, running a website speed test regularly is not only helps you be aware of what you pay for but also helps you choose the best internet service provider (ISP). Internet Service is very competitive in the market and they offer you super attractive internet package. It could be a free one-month trial of an internet connection. 

You can try to install it for free to consider that the ISP is suitable for your home. Of course, it is better for you to run the internet speed test and compare that with the same amount of money, which ISP provides a better internet package and has fast speed. 

Especially, running and recording your test results regularly can give benefit to you later because of some ISP offer refunds when you’re frequently not getting what they promised to provide.

Control the number of devices connecting to your internet connection

Another reason why should use a website speed test regularly is to control the number of devices connecting your internet connection. Your bad online experience can be due to tons of internet users connecting the same network. Apart from your family members, roommates who are at home with you, other people might be connecting to your wifi connection as well if you do not have a password put in place.

This makes your internet transfer slow and lagging. Running a speed check for the internet, you can find out if someone has hacked your system and then you change a stronger password with both numbers and signs. Put a strong password for your wi-fi by putting a combination of symbols, numbers, and lowercase and uppercase letters so you can make it more secure and harder to guess.

Learn how to troubleshoot fundamental Internet-related problems by yourself

Through running a website speed test regularly, you can learn how to troubleshoot fundamental Internet-related problems by yourself. From the test result, you can easily collate the parameters to find the cause of troubleshooting problems. That time, you just search on google and fix yourself if it is not a too big problem. 

You can find more useful ways to fix as well as improve your internet speed at the article Ways speed up your internet to 200%. Do you know?


Those are the Top 5 reasons you should run a website speed test regularly. Let’s create this good habit yourself to get the amazing benefits it brings. Read more other information on the Blog of MySpeed.

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