Top 8 Free Website Speed Test Tools for 2020

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As a visitor, how would you feel if you encounter a website that takes forever to load?

Irritated? That totally makes sense!

According to Kissmetrics, 40% of visitors leave a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. Here is what page speed has impacts on:

  • SERP — Your slow page can lead to a lower rank on the search engine result page’s list as a search engine only has a bit of time to gather results.

  • website traffic — Slow loading process results in a 40% risk of losing potential visitors or customers.

  • SEO — Google stated that site speed was officially a ranking factor. So, optimizing for performance is now a large part of optimizing for SEO. Google also pointed out that users were more likely to leave websites loading slowly.

In short, every site owner needs to maintain its website test performance to give their users the best experience. One of the ways to do it is by running a periodic web speed test using test tools.

While we’re not going to cover the web optimization topic, you can read the list of tips on how to improve your load speed.

Web speed test matters

Top 8 Free Web Speed Test Tools

Web Speed Test is an important process to determine how fast your website is loading. Page speed measures how quickly a website's content is displayed when a user visits the website. Since Google has stated that page speed will be one of the factors affecting the ranking of a website on organic search, the current website owners putting great efforts to speed their website up.

But they have difficulty in determining what causes the slow loading and which solution to fix it. If you’re in the same boat, keep reading this article which will suggest a list of the top 8 free web speed test tools that you can use easily but with amazing results.

Top 8 free Web Speed Test tools

8 free Web Speed Test tools

1. PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is an open-source web speed test tool that evaluates the web page and provides suggestions for better performance. You can use this tool to test your internet connection on both mobile and desktop devices.

Through the addition of advanced data visualization, tagging, filtering, and snapshot technology, the tool offers a comprehensive solution for any webmaster to improve their site speed, search engine ranking, and user experience.

2. MySpeed

MySpeed is developed to help in checking web speed. The tool gives you a clear picture of how your page is performing. With this tool, you can run a web speed test in a different location without having to download any apps. More importantly, the test records all the results, so you can look back and keep track of your website speed.

Accurate Web Speed Test tools


Not only does Pingdom analyze all the components but also determines both strengths and weaknesses of a website. Using this tool, you will get many useful statistics with the best guide for fast web loading speed. One of the most amazing features of Pingdom is that

it lets you know how fast the website loads from different locations.

4. Webpagetest

WebPagetest is a very powerful tool that allows you to run a free web speed test from different locations across the globe. The results of your website speed will be displayed in the form of pie charts, graphs, screenshots, and videos, making it easy to see the page loading progress and understand how your site is performing.

5. Dotcom-Monitor

Another great web speed test tool is Dotcom-monitor, which enables you to test web speed and functionality in real browsers from 24 locations all over the world. The reports include full images of your site speed summarized by location, so you should not find it difficult to understand.

Running a webs speed test online to know how fast your website loads

6. GTmetrix

Equipped with some key features that are suitable for most web performance monitoring, GTmetrix allows you to test your website from various regions across the world for free. Plus, you can also run a connection throttling test to see your website performance on different connection speeds.

7. YSlow

This speed test tool analyzes a site’s performance based on Yahoo!’s 23 of 34 rules for high-performance websites. It comes in the form of plugins for web browsers and command-line scripts for the Node.js server and PhantomJS.

8. KeyCDN Website Speed Test

With KeyCDN Website Speed Test, you can run a web speed test from 14 different locations, so it is considered as a practical speed test tool on-the-go. It only runs a full-page speed test and geolocation check but also analyzes your website or identify connectivity issues.

Running web speed test easily with online tools


Web speed is an important aspect that every web owner should pay attention to. Slow load time can lower your web ranking in SERP and decrease web traffic. So, make sure your site is fast enough to retain visitors. There are plenty of free web speed test tools that offer free speed testing, so you can pick one that suits your needs.

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