Top 3 Van Maintenance Tips for its Long Service Life

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Vans are the fastest growing category of vehicles in Britain. Currently, there are almost 3.3 million of these vehicles on British roads, and the number is growing at a rapid pace. Around 250,000 of these run as a part of fleets while close to 838,000 are registered to private owners. A staggering 1.5 million of these are registered to various companies spread across the UK.

Since vans are used much more rigorously than passenger cars, it is essential to pay close attention to their maintenance. Performing some necessary checks will prevent larger issues from cropping up, ultimately saving quite a lot of money for you.

  1. Van tyre maintenance

Van tyres require special attention as they bear a lot of extra weight carried by vans. As such, you need to check the condition of these tyres more regularly than passenger car tyres.

It is especially true for the rear tyres which bear most of the burden. It is paramount that you check the inflation pressure of these tyres once every week. Inadequate air pressure will not only lead to higher fuel consumption but may also wear out the tyres prematurely.

Over-inflation, on the other hand, will increase the chances of a blowout. Maintaining just the right inflation pressure is essential for the best performance of your van tyres.

Apart from that, you must also check the tyres for any physical damage. Since vans run on uneven terrains all the time, they are even more prone to damages. Inspect their condition weekly; look for cuts, bulges, patches or any other form of physical harm.

If you find any damage and need new van tyres in Coventry, visit reliable garages like Central Point MOT.

  1. Lights

Vans often have to run through the night in unknown territories, which is why it is paramount that all its lights are working correctly. It not only ensures the driver’s view of the road but also alerts other drivers of your presence.

Inspect your light periodically for proper illumination. Do not forget the brake lights and the tail lights as well. If any of them are busted or weak, replace them ASAP. Remember that even one busted taillight will make your vehicle fail its Cheap MOT Coventry.

  1. Engine

You don’t need to be an automobile expert to perform some basic engine maintenance. Once a fortnight or so, check the level of engine oil left as well as its condition. Check the air and fuel filters as well for contamination and clogging.

If you find that the oil level is low or the filters are dusty and clogged, take your car to a reputable garage like Central Point MOT for the concerned service.

Apart from these, you must also maintain the appearance of your car. It may not affect its drivability but will keep the car in a better condition for a more extended period and also enhance its resale value.

Take good care of your van, and it’ll continue to serve you without a hassle for a long period.

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