Common Issues & Corresponding Reasons with Brakes You Need to Know About

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For a safe journey and commute, it's essential that you maintain your car's brakes in tip-top shape. Even a slightly malfunctioning brake while driving can induce a panic attack in a driver.

In an urgent situation, like right before an unforeseen collision, the brakes are your only tool to halt safely. Therefore, you should never underestimate the importance of effective braking.

Being in a car in motion with failed brakes is heading towards dangerous voluntarily.

To avoid any mishaps, opt for a brake repair in Coventry from a nearby professional car garage.

How to know whether you need a brake repair?

The following signs are indications that you need a brake repair.

  • Squeaking and other unnerving noises

Just as a tyre's tread erodes with use, the brake pads or shoes also wear out over time. Once they reach the minimum thickness, the brake callipers start to rub against the rotors, causing screeching and grinding sounds.

  • Vibrations

Pulsating brake pedals and jerks on the steering when applying your car's brakes can indicate damage somewhere in the brake assembly.

  • Loose brake pedal

When brake pedals feel spongy and less effective, and you need to push it down further than regular, it a warning of impending brake failure.

  • Vehicle pulling to one side

Another common sign of faulty brakes is your car pulling to one side when braking. It’s caused mainly by eroded brake pads. With brake pad replacement in Coventry, this situation can be redressed.

We'll take an in-depth look at common brake problems and their possible causes. With the right knowledge, you decide upon the correct time to go for a brake repair in Coventry.

Common brake problems

  1. Soft pedal

In this issue, your car's brake pedal is easy to push, but sufficient braking friction is not generated.

The master cylinder reservoir can leak causing this issue. Brake fluid can be lost through the master cylinder leaks, and make the entire system ineffective. Air in your car brake’s lines can also cause a spongy pedal. Old brake fluid that can also trap air bubbles and reduce the overall pressure. Excessive towing repeated or descending a steep hill can boil the brake fluid, rendering it ineffective.

  1. Incomplete engagement

Often a brake issue occurs to partial engagement or disengagement. Driving with a dragging brake can cause further damage.

Due to rust, age and accumulation of brake dust, a seized calliper occurs. Brake pads can often get jammed in the calliper as well. Rusted rotors and drums occur due to prolonged disuse. Brake repair in Coventry from a reputed garage is the only fix here.

  1. Eroded brake pads

Brake pads create the friction between the callipers and rotor disc. They can last for 25000 to 60,000 miles. Your car will start to pull towards the direction of the wheel with worn out break shoe when applying brakes under this issue.

There are different kinds of brake pad replacement in Coventry you can opt for. Organic, low-metallic, semi-metallic, and ceramics are some of the available brake pad material. They suit different driving needs.

Garages such as Central Point MOT store all kinds of brake pads and offers brake repair. Servicing your car brakes on time can help you to stay safe.

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