Ensure these 3 Components Work Perfectly and Pass the MOT

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If you are a car owner, you must know that passing the MOT is nothing short of a mandatory requisite. If you are going to be one, then your first test is still 3 years away. Either way, you have to get your car ready.

The MOT test certifies that your car is safe to drive and does not have high exhaust emissions. There are numerous authorized car garages with certified testers who will test your car and provide you with an MOT certificate according to the check results. One instance of such a garage is Central Point MOT. They not only provide MOT certificates but also have other services like puncture repair, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, engine diagnostics, etc.

Basic Car Components and Mot Test Will Check

1. Windshield

Windshield must not have obstruction longer than 10 mm in the driver’s field of view. The rest of the areas must not have an obstruction longer than 40 mm.

1. Wipers

2. Mirrors

3. Lights

Lights must emit the right colour and illuminate swiftly after switching on.

1. Malfunction lamps

2. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

3. Registration plates

4. Body

5. Seats and seat belts

Ensuring these components are in admissible or permissible functional conditions is easy. But, the tough part is to keep the critical systems up to date for passing your upcoming MOT Coventry.

3 Must Check Components

1. Suspension

Your car’s suspension system is responsible for providing a comfortable and safer ride. It consists of components like:

I. Shocks and struts

II. Springs

III. Steering wheel

IV. Joints, bearing, and bushings

Any faults in the suspension will require diagnosing at the earliest.

For that, you need to look out for the following signs:

I. One side of your car sits low. A damaged spring may lead to this problem.

II. Your car nose dives when you brake. Faults in shocks and struts can cause this problem.

III. Your steering does not respond properly. Various faults in the steering can lead to such issues.

2. Tyres

Your Tyres Coventry need to have a minimum treads depth of 1.6 mm across the 3/4th width and around the circumference. To check the same, insert a 20p coin in the treads and observe the outer rim. If the rim is visible, then you have to replace the tyres.

You can lower your tyre wear by aligning your wheels, rotating them, balancing them, and keeping them inflated.

Take your car for a diagnosis if you tyres exhibit the following problems:

I. Uneven or feathered wear.

II. Your car pulls to one side.

III. Your steering is crooked and not centred.

3. Exhaust

Lastly, your exhaust system is responsible for keeping your car silent and controlling its fuel emissions.

Various components in the system include:

I. Exhaust manifold

II. Catalytic converter

III. Muffler

IV. Exhaust pipe

Look out for these signs of a faulty exhaust system:

I. Reduced power and acceleration.

II. Reduced fuel economy.

III. Smell of gas inside your car.

IV. Burning smell from the engine bay.

V. Excessively noisy engine.

Ensure these 3 components work efficiently, and you will be able to pass the MOT Check Coventry without any hassle.

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