Car Battery: A Brief Overview of Problems and Maintenances

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You don’t want to drive in a hot box all summer long do you? That’s what driving a vehicle without an AC during the summers will be like. Unlike popular belief though, issues with your car’s AC are more often than not related to the battery than with the AC itself.

To ensure you enjoy the comforts of the AC, you have to make sure that the battery is working correctly (considering the AC is working fine.)

The battery is one of the various critical components in your car that powers all the electrical equipment. Headlights, rear lights, blinkers, music system, etc. are some equipment that it powers. Other than these tertiary services, one of the most critical tasks that it performs is starting your car’s engine.

So, keeping a battery healthy is one of the objectives when it comes to car maintenance.

Some of the problems that are causing your car battery in Coventry to damage include:

  1. Faulty alternator

The alternator charges the battery when your vehicle is in motion. Faults within the former will restrict this process. Hence, you will get similar symptoms that a dying battery showcases.

How to know if it is the alternator?

  • Smell of burning wire or rubber.

  • Headlights becoming bright when you accelerate.

  • Dashboard lights gradually dimming when driving.

These are some of the signs that may indicate your car’s alternator has RIP.

What can you do?

Take your car to a professional car garage immediately when coming across these symptoms.

How to know if it is the battery?

Check the battery dashboard light; it should illuminate even when your car is off. A problem with your car battery in Coventry will cause the light to be dim.

  1. Parasitic battery drain

Some electrical components may continue to run even after your car is turned off. Known as a parasitic drain, this phenomenon causes your battery to drain. Defective fuses and wiring faults can create this issue.

What to do?

Take your car to a renowned garage like Central Point MOT for a battery repair in Coventry. They can also help you with other services like wheel alignment, wheel balancing, puncture repair, etc. if necessary.

  1. Intermittent starts

A classic example of a dying battery is irregular starts - one day your car starts fine, and another day it does not.

Usually, damaged terminals are the primary reason behind the above. Replacing the cables can work just fine for resolving this issue with your vehicle battery in Coventry.

  1. Check engine light is on

A dying battery may cause the check engine light to illuminate. The only solution, in this case, is to take your car to a garage near you.

To make sure none of the above happens, perform the following:

  1. Check its charge – Use a battery tester, available at a nominal price, to check the battery charge now and then.

  2. Clean it – Perform a regular clean to get rid of dust and grease off your vehicle battery.

  3. Clean the terminals – Terminals are prone to corrosion hence keep them cleaned. Use water and baking soda mixture and give the wires a thorough clean with a brush.

  4. Park indoors – Exposing your vehicle to harsh weather conditions can cause the battery to die prematurely. Hence, always park in a garage.

Maintain your car battery in Coventry the above way and keep a lookout for the symptoms mentioned above to prolong its life.

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