Top 2018 Content Marketing Trends

by Ben Goodman ***
With every year comes new trends, in art, science, and business. Trends came and went, while some remain to this day. One of them is content marketing. It is still an effective strategy especially in this digital generation, and we definitely won't be seeing it go away anytime soon.

So what are some popular trends in Content Marketing today? Here are a few of them:


Writing For Your Audience

As an online business, you always take into account your search engine optimization efforts when producing content. Planning and using the right keywords to get recognized by search engines are important, true. But empathizing with your audience is too. 

Remember that your audience is what will make your content matter, not just the search engines. You are writing to real human beings, so you should sound natural. Keep the language on a conversational level. No one wants to talk to a robot. They like to feel that they’re engaged with reading or viewing content that is relevant and relatable.

Staying Active On Social Media

Hearing the algorithm change in several social media platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat, you might have started reconsidering... whether social media is any worth putting effort into. 

Well, the answer is still a solid yes. 

There’s no other place where you have access to billions of people worldwide in real time because almost everyone has a Facebook, Twitter or any social media account. Telling your brand’s story and selling your products or services will be easier when it’s accessible to virtually anyone.

One post can go viral in a matter of minutes if it’s relevant and entertaining enough. It’s also a venue where you can interact with your audience/s and establish a good relationship with them. Social media platforms are also a form of free marketing, and who doesn’t want that? 

Making Scannable Content

Let’s be honest, internet users today have a short attention span. If a content does not capture their attention in the first few seconds, then they’re not going to finish reading or viewing any of it. That’s why content marketers of today have to devise creative ways to lure in people to engage with them.

No one wants to read a huge wall of text without any images. We’re on the internet and it’s 2018--make their lives easier, won't you? Tell them immediately what the post is about because they don’t want to waste their time without gaining anything from it. They’re on your website to find answers, so it’s answers you should give them.

Make the content easier to digest that even an elementary student would be able to understand--even if the subject is about rocket science.

Visual Content Is In

Images and videos are more likely to attract your audience because they supply information in a light and entertaining way. That’s why memes are all the rage on the internet today. We’re not saying that you completely shift to visual marketing. However, it could help to supplement your articles with infographics, tutorial videos, etc., for instance. 

Well, that’s mostly what you need to know with 2018 content marketing trends. But the year has only begun, and there will be be new ones coming up. For startups or big businesses, hiring web content writing services can help in staying on top of the updates while still remembering the essentials. 

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