Top 10 Ways to help your kidneys healthy and fit

by Rahul Kumar Health and Medical

In our everyday headlong rush of meeting the deadline and maintaining our standard of living, we often brush aside our health and welcome some severe health complications which can majorly affect every aspect of life. Studies have shown that some serious health conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart attack, brain tumor, and stroke, mainly occur when your kidneys are not working in an adequate manner.

No kidding with kidneys! Your fist-sized kidneys are an intricate organ of your body that is in charge of performing pertinent roles which are undeniably important for your survival. Here we've listed some important functions that your kidneys do to keep you alive-

      Your kidneys purify your blood from chemical toxins, pollutants, and other excessive substances which are no more needed inside.

      Your kidneys keep the levels of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and sodium in a proportionate level inside your body.

      Your kidneys release certain hormones that control your blood pressure levels.

      Your kidneys regulate the production of red blood cells in your body.

      Your kidney produces an active form of vitamin D that keeps your bones strong and healthy.

Hence, it's your paramount responsibility to keep your kidneys healthy by consuming less salt and regular exercise. If you're reading this, then there are chances that you can lower your risk of developing kidney complications in your life because this article holds in 10 important takeaways that you can induce in your life to make your kidneys strong and healthy.

Kidney Treatment in the Ayurveda

Keep active, workout regularly

Working out daily for one hour can have many health benefits, more than just controlling your waistline. Regular exercise, such as jumping, cycling, and running, can lower your risk of having cardiovascular diseases. Practicing cardiovascular activities also reduces your blood pressure and enhances your heart health which is essential to prevent the progression of kidney disease.

Be hydrated

The human body is a complex of 60 percent water, and the rest have remaining substances. Therefore, it's essential to consume at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water in a day, around 6 to 7 glasses of water a day. Doing this will keep your kidneys healthy. Keeping your body hydrated will help your kidneys to remove waste materials from your blood through urine.

Monitor your blood sugar level

People suffering from type 1 or type 2 diabetes are at higher risk of developing kidney damage. Diabetes is a condition in which your body fails to produce enough insulin required to break down glucose (sugar) in the form of energy in your blood. This demands extra work by your kidneys to filter extra sugar from your blood. Because of being overworked, your kidneys develop inflammation inside them which gradually interferes with their functioning. 

Control your blood pressure

Having uncontrolled blood pressure can permanently damage your kidneys. Having high blood pressure with other health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, or high cholesterol can be a deadly cocktail. The combination can severely impact your body's functioning. Your blood pressure reading should be around 120/80; if your lab report shows your blood pressure level exceeds the given range, you may need to do some lifestyle and dietary changes to reinstate your high blood pressure.

Maintain a healthy weight

People who are obese or overweight are likely to be at higher risk of losing their kidneys' functionings. Obesity can welcome some serious health issues in your body, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels, which are considered primary drivers of kidney complications. Eat right and avoid salt from your dinner table. Add low-in sodium foods, such as cauliflower, fish, blueberries, dairy products, and green leafy vegetables, in your diet.

Quit smoking

Smoking cigarettes can kill you in any way by causing damage to your blood vessels. One drag of cigarette can make you inhale over 4,000 different kinds of poisonous compounds that can also lower your blood supply to the kidneys. Smoking can also increase our risk of developing kidney cancer which can be life-threatening.

Eat healthy foods

Everything we eat or drink passes through our kidneys. Hence we must always consume a nutrient-dense diet to prevent problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. 

Use caution with high-in protein supplements

Consuming excessive amounts of protein can be harmful to your kidneys. An adult should consume 0.8 grams of protein per Kg of body weight. If you're consuming beyond the required ratio, you're making your kidneys overwork, which can cause inflammation inside them and stop working properly.

Use caution with painkillers and antibiotics

If you're under a certain course of medication that involves medicines, such as aspirin, painkillers, antibiotics, or H2 blocker drugs can affect your kidneys' functioning. Certain medicines are lab prepared with various harmful chemicals that can leave some serious side effects on the body, such as stomach heat, internal bleeding, heart attack, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, and depression.

ayurvedic treatment for polycystic kidney failure

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol, if consumed heavily, can make your kidneys overwork to flush out alcohol from your body. This continuous process of filtration causes exertion inside your kidneys which with time permanently impair kidneys' functioning. Even a person who drinks moderately is at higher risk of developing cancers, such as esophageal cancer.

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