Healthy kidneys: An emblem of a healthy body

by Rahul Kumar Health and Medical

Our body runs with the precise functioning of its interior organs but a few organs help the body and deal with their functions without any assistance while others are combined and can give each other as their reinforcements.

A couple of organs that exemplify performing multiple tasks play an essential part in the advancement of the human body. That pair of organs are the kidneys, which are about the size of a fist. But they have a hold over the blood filtering arrangement of the entire body. Notwithstanding, both kidneys are put central in the lower mid-region on one or the other side of the body. The shape of kidneys can measure up to the state of beans, yet their functions play a vital part in the progression of well being and vitality of the body. In any case, the truth is that the human body can work well and move towards development and improvement if the functioning of kidneys is healthy.

Healthy kidneys mean good blood filtration, solid administration of blood pressure levels, and good arrangement in electrolytes and enough red platelets in the body. We can state kidneys as the columns onto which the entire equilibrium of the human body stands. 

However, complications occur when a renal harming medical condition interferes with the useful duties of kidneys and leads them towards the period of impedance. The seriousness depends on the damaging rate of the kidney disease, and its nature can cause the kidneys to lose their function slowly. A few diseases creep up inside the arrangement of the kidneys and gradually harm the kidneys' functioning. Conversely, others give irreparable damage to the kidneys and continue to expand the danger of kidney failure.

Negative impacts of kidneys' dysfunction

Your kidneys function to complete a series of duties, and if their administration hampers, the body can confront different conditions that welcome a strike of complexities. If a severe or benign medical condition sickness directly or in any condition meddles with the functional order of kidneys, one can become a kidney patient.

In any case, these issues arise when your kidneys can not function as they should:

        Weakness: Kidneys handle the production of red platelets since they produce the substance erythropoietin EPO. EPO is responsible for giving directions deep down marrow for the creation of red platelets. Unhealthy kidneys don't make enough EPO, cutting down the formation of red platelets. The chief defence behind Anemia is low EPO levels in the blood.

        Absence of electrolytes: Electrolytes invigorate the body and give the body a feeling of actual liveliness. In any case, kidneys manage the central degrees of electrolytes. Without the solid working of kidneys, the fundamental levels of electrolytes acquire disbalance, on account of which the specialist limits the utilization of the electrolytes. Appropriately, the body can not get the dietary parts to secure imperativeness.

        Feeble bones: Unhealthy kidneys can not fill in the proper form, given which an excess of parathyroid synthetic substances is delivered into the blood. This synthetic moves the calcium present inside the bones that remain to be worked out in the circulation system. In any case, bones become weak, causing bone breaks and bone issues.

        Hypertension or hypotension: When kidneys become unequipped for managing the circulatory levels shown by the fundamental essentials. Hence, the blood pressure levels are poorly controlled. Hypertension addresses most kidney patients, and specific people can even experience low blood pressure levels.

        Improper blood filtration: The kidneys are shaped up of millions of nephrons. Each nephron has a filter and tubules that assist with separating the byproducts from the blood. The bundle of tiny veins called glomeruli filters the blood, and the tubule reabsorbs the essential substances and restores them into the bloodstream.

In any case, any damage caused by infirmity or ailment can hurt the functional and structural units of the kidneys (nephrons). Consequently, glomerular damage causes improper blood filtration, in light of which the results and excess fluids hoard in the blood. The medical conditions can harm the kidneys' filtering units so much that the kidneys can show up at a final phase of complete breakdown (Kidney disappointment).

What symptoms are associated with kidney problems?

These symptoms are associated with damage within the filtering abilities of kidneys. Damaged kidney function is an alarming sign of kidney failure, and these symptoms showcase the internal state of the kidneys.


        Unjustified weight loss.

        Reduction in red blood cells in the body.




        Metallic taste in your mouth.

        Loss of appetite.

        Asthma-like issues - Shortness of breath.

        Weakened bones that crack easily.

        Yellowish or brownish skin colour.

        Chest pain.



        Fatigue or excessive drowsiness.


        Muscle twitches and cramps.


        Swelling in the hands, feet, and face.

        Insomnia- trouble sleeping.

Ayurvedic treatment helps reduce the progressing rate of kidney disease and frees the patient from the recurrent episodes of symptoms and complications linked with kidney failure.

Causes of kidney problems

As stated above, the kidneys can face a string of complications due to the damage caused by medical conditions and diseases. It is crucial to identify the central cause of kidney damage to acquire the good health and vitality of your kidneys.

        Autoimmune diseases - lupus or Good pasture's syndrome.

        Kidney infection.


        Polycystic kidney disease.

        Nephrotic syndrome.

        High blood pressure.

        Chronic glomerulonephritis.

        Cardiac attack.

        Reduction in the blood flow to the kidneys.

        Inflammation of the kidneys occurs due to the consumption of illegal drugs and NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

        Obstructed urinary tract.

        Chronic kidney disease.

When to see the doctor?

It is important to contact or seek medical advice from your healthcare provider if you have detected any signs or symptoms that point towards kidney failure. The ayurvedic kidney specialist helps treat kidney disease from the core.

How long does it take for kidneys to get back to normal

Some people acquire kidneys' loss of function suddenly. And in some cases, the kidneys stop their functioning over time. When the bean-shaped organs can not function and go on strike, dangerous levels of excess fluids build up in the blood and invite a string of complications.

If the kidney patient knows where to have the best treatment for his kidney problems, the earlier treatment can help stop the progression of the kidney disease resulting in proper treatment of kidney diseases. However, the best mode of treatment for kidney failure is the ancient medicinal science of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic kidney specialist Dr Puneet uses the ancient methodology of Ayurveda that helps treat kidney disease from its core. The natural treatment focuses on the holistic development of the human body and helps the kidneys get back to their functioning state.

The bottom line is that the ayurvedic treatment for the kidney is the best if you want faster recovery for your kidneys, as the natural treatment is effective. It helps the damage within the kidneys using natural healing therapies, herbal diet charts and ayurvedic medications. The efficiency and authenticity of the treatment are such that it works in the betterment of the mental, physical and spiritual well being of the kidney patient.

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