Top 10 Best Guard Dogs For Security

by Kindery Mills Kindery Mills

You can get a dog that will bark at unusual things in common. But what if you want to get a dog that shall give protection to your family? You need to have a guard dog that shall protect you from any dangers. Apart from being watchful, the dog should be able to take instant action as required. Try to get a dog that will be a protector and a companion.

So, if you wish to get the Best Security dogs, our fully trained and kid-safe dogs are a suitable option to avail. Training the dogs how to behave in every situation, we take private care in helping the dogs grow. For better protection of your family, these dogs are a suitable choice.

List of dogs suitable for security

Below are mentioned some famous security dogs breeds to choose from.

Belgian Malinois

When in search of the Best Security dogs, you can look for Belgian Malinois from This breed is small and considered as excellent police and guard dog. Some attractive features of this breed are active, loyal, stubborn and bright. They should be given consistent training to make them an obedient security dog for your family. As they can learn tricks better, they grow strong protective instincts. They get easily suspicious of strangers, and their level of aggression will depend on the quality socialization they have received during their training.


The Rottweiler is an obedient, alert and muscular dog that is extremely protective towards its masters. The dog will be obedient only if he has been appropriately trained. For this, it is better to get a properly trained dog of this breed. As an owner, you have to ensure that your dog’s territorial instincts are suitably under control. Therefore, you have to ensure that the dog is properly socialized during its training. So, available in medium to large size from, you can get them both for security and protection purposes.

German shepherd

This a famous guard dog with its original bred in Germany. Apart from being the most protective and loyal dogs, this breed can be trained easily. This will alert the master for anything unusual happening in their vicinity. Even if this breed is huge, they may not show any aggression towards guests if their owners demanded it.  They can be considered gentle ones among the family pets, and thus, they make the perfect family protection dog.


Doberman is another popular breed among security dogs. The characteristics of the dog include alert, intelligent, obedient, alert and extremely loyal towards their owners. Also, they can be considered as a loyal family member who will be more than just a dog for your family. It is said that suitable training and socialization is a must for this breed. With quick learning capabilities, they can become extremely obedient without showing any aggression towards others.


The Bullmastiff can be considered the best choice when it comes to getting a family security dog. With excellent protective instincts, this dog can be a great guard. Their barking is intimidating enough to keep away strangers. As an active breed, they can reach the intruder in a quick time.


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