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The toddler life is almost incomplete without a phase when they have the ability to throw as many tantrums to get demands fulfilled. Preschoolers from the age of 2-4 are known to throw a lot of tantrums which is mainly because they crave attention. They would do something inappropriate to catch the eye of the parents or preschool teachers. In case of lack of attention, they tend to become all the more cranky. Another important reason for the preschoolers throwing tantrums is their inability to express properly at such a nascent stage. “Sometimes, my students start cringing because they are tired or hungry, which makes them angry.”, shares Mrs. Sharma, a caretaker from a leading daycare centre in Delhi. However, most of the kids preschools in Delhi have witnessed kids’ tantrums due to the emergence of independence among them. At this age, they do not want to be controlled, they rather want to take charge of the situation and if they hear a ‘no’, you’ve just triggered another tantrum! But, as they say, during formative years, toddlers’ minds are like clay, they can be molded into beautiful shapes with love and care! Their tantrums must be tamed at the right time before the situation gets out of hand. Read on to know how you can prevent tantrums of your little ones:



Usually toddlers become agitated because they fail to comprehend certain things.”We always tell our parents to get down to the brain level of the kids, try to understand them and make them understand in a way that is easy for them to grasp.”, says the academic head of Mother’s Pride, a kids preschool in Delhi. This way, the children will be able to relate more and react calmly.


Give Attention

Many teachers at top daycare centre in Delhi have experienced child tantrums because of attention issue which they then solved by providing equal positive attention to every child, listening to their thoughts and caring for each one of them. The moment they realise that they are being heard, they will automatically learn to listen.


Set clear rules

In terms of fulfilling demands, a mere ‘no’ might be the biggest cause of worry. So, the easiest way out is to set simple rules that they can understand and live upon. By verbally telling them the do’s and don’ts, there is a possibility for them to take the rules lightly. Thus, clarity will bring a massive change in their attitude.


Teach new skills

Most kid’s preschools in Delhi ensure to constantly teach new things to the little ones so that their mind becomes prompt and is diverted towards achieving something. Don’t forget to appreciate them regularly so that they can feel proud in being ‘goody-two-shoes’. Also, start indulging them in activities that intrigue them.



One of the most important factors to keep in mind is communication. Introduce the toddlers to a disciplined way of speaking and increase their habit of listening to others. While teachers at daycare centres in Delhi promote communication through activities like circle time, at home, parents should try to become their best friends so that they can openly talk. Communication most efficiently prevents tantrums!


Incentives or Consequences

If you tell your child that their favorite toy will be snatched away if they crib about something, they will stop misbehaving in fear of losing it. On the other hand, you must also provide them some kind of incentive such as an ice cream after a well behaved outing to the super market. This will make them want to work on their behavior and present their best side.


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