Tips for firing an employee turned a friend

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Relationships between colleagues tend to develop over time, an aspect that’s encouraged for a healthy work environment. The same can happen between an employer and employee. It, however, becomes problematic, for one reason or another, the former has to fire the latter. It is a delicate situation; it is imperative that it be handled with care, especially if both parties highly value the relationship. Consider taking the following as a guide to go about this matter should it arise.

Before starting the process

It is likely that, by the time you’re letting the employee go, they have been feedback provided asking for improvement in their performance or conduct. In business nothing is personal, and therefore, keep in mind that the decision to enact the termination is for the betterment of the company. It is also for yourself as, when reporting to those above you, it is you they will question, and not the team you oversee. In that, it means that you’re responsible; you don’t want to lose your job because one team member is underperforming.

Communicate effectively

It is more than likely that feeling will be hurt, but it is essential to stand your ground. In the same way, your delivery ought to be mindful of this dynamic and choose your words carefully. They should express regret, but at the same time highlight, the reasons why the person no longer fits the role. Using the example of a Cosmetic Consultants Toronto office, the employee could perhaps be giving liberal advice to clients and does not reflect on the company’s conservative views. In the same way, offer support to them for their next venture. That can take different forms, including offering to be a referee or offer a severance package that will help them be on their feet a bit longer as they look for a new job.

Leave room for questions

In this case, there will be likely confusion on the employee’s part, especially if they never saw it coming. By keeping the communications line open, they will be able to ask what they need to understand better the decision and the support they have going forward. Listen and respond accordingly, ensuring that you’ve given a satisfactory response. If they don’t ask questions immediately after, let them know that you’re available when they are ready to move forward.

In case of an emotive response

Personalities vary, meaning that people take news differently. Should emotions run high, keep your calm at all costs. In that scenario, focus on the friendship and not on the feelings. It requires empathy on your part as the person has just lost their livelihood and in shock. If you need a step back, take one. However, make it clear that you’re willing to chat after they calm down. Offer to go for lunch as it’s a better environment to do a follow-up.

It requires a delicate balance between doing what is right for the business and still keeps the friendship after.

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