The Ultimate Guide to Advertising on Spotify in 2020

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Spotify hardly comes in our mind when we think of spending money on digital marketing. One might consider spending on YouTube and even on radio advertisements. Spotify is rapidly becoming a most favored platform to listen and share music, therefore, it is actually a good place to invest your money on. Gradually, Spotify has become the most popular global audio streaming subscription service. It has 271m users, including 124m subscribers, across 79 markets. Luckily for marketers, Spotify now has a well-organized advertising market.

How Can You Advertise on Spotify?

If you are thinking that you can only create audio ads, then you are wrong. There are multiple types of ads you can create here.


Spotify plays audio ads between the songs and on all versions of the app regardless of your device. You can create ads between 15 seconds to 30 seconds of the time limit. You can select the type of music you think your target audience listens to and publish your ad there. You can also set your ad according to your preferred location. The maximum audience on Spotify is Gen Z and Millennials. And they do not like loud ads interrupting between their music. So make ads relevant to your target audience.


On Spotify, you can produce takeover videos which means buying ad spaces between songs. Your ad will run in the form of a full-screen video in between two songs. However, this will work if your audiences view the app, otherwise, people who only listen to music on Spotify won’t open the app to watch your ad.

Display Ads

Spotify gives you options to display ads just like Google Ads. The 30 seconds display ad will often appear at the top of the Spotify browser. When the user clicks on the ad, it will redirect them to the targeted landing page.

You can select from three types of display ad:

1. Homepage takeover – This appears on the home page of the user to reflect the advertised brand for a while. It is a clickable ad.

2. Megabanner – It appears at the bottom of the screen and is just like in a banner style.

3. Overlay – These are full-screen ads but can be closed by the user. If not closed, they disappear after 30 seconds.

Sponsored Playlist

Another way to advertise your brand without purchasing ads is to create a playlist for your target audience. You can put a suitable image in the background and name your playlist by your brand. But first, you need to be creative and put a lot of thought into what kind of songs you select for your playlist. Create a playlist that will help you interact with your target audience. You want them to use your playlist to be in the right mood, to enjoy your songs, and then return back to you for your songs again. For that, you need to use psychology to make the perfect list of songs, with each one leading to the next.

Creating a Spotify Ad

Earlier, Spotify used to be a very expensive place for ads, but with the arrival of Spotify Ad Studio in 2017, it became viable for all sorts of budget. The Spotify Ad Studio works just like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram ads, and is quite easy to use. In fact, you can just upload your script and choice of music and Spotify will record the ad for you and deliver it to you. Here’s a guide on how you can easily create Spotify ads.

1. Choose an objective your ad aims to focus on.

2. Upload your recorded audio or request a voiceover by uploading your script and music.

3. Choose your target audience based on age, location, gender, listening behavior, or platform

4. Set a budget schedule for your campaign. The minimum cost of a Spotify ad is $250 which further changes based on your location and ad targeting. You’ll have to set dates for your campaign launch and make sure your budget is spread evenly across the campaign period.

5. Make your ad creative. Add details like a good background image to go with your audio ad, put a nice ad headline, and add links to your landing page.

6. And you are done. Click on the launchpad icon to release your Spotify ad.

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