The Top 8 Benefits Of Airbrush Makeup Compared To Regular Makeup

by Pathlie Lee Business consultant

Regular makeup has been the makeup of choice for most people. But there is a rise in airbrush makeup being used personally. There is an increased number of purchased airbrush makeup kit in recent years. Knowing the difference between the two makeup application styles will help one decide on which one suits them best.


Traditional Makeup


Traditional makeup is products that are in the form of liquid, cream or powder. Application of these products is with the help of a sponge or brush. There is a wide variety in the market, and traditional makeup is thicker in consistency compared to airbrush makeup.


Airbrush Makeup


Airbrush makeup is makeup in the form of a liquid which is used with an air compressor and stylus- airbrush stylus to be specific. Compared to regular makeup, it is thinner with a more natural finish.




Compared to regular makeup, airbrush makeup is more hygienic as there is no use for sponges or brushes. Sponges and brushes are suitable habitats for germs and bacteria; that is why it is advisable to change them after a few months. This is different when it comes to airbrush makeup as it only uses an airbrush stylus and compressor which does not touch the skin during application. This type of makeup is ideal for people that experience breakouts.


Natural look


There is no presence of smudges or brush marks with airbrush makeup which gives one’s look a more natural finish. This natural finish that an airbrush gives off is a good fit for any occasion.




Traditional makeup is far thicker than airbrush makeup. It is lighter to the skin that the user can barely feel it. Because of its lightness, it does not block the pores which is beneficial as it allows your skin to breath.


Airbrush products last longer.


Compared to traditional makeup, they last a year longer when stored properly. Products use for airbrush makeup is lesser than traditional makeup as they are applied through mist-form. It has excellent coverage with fewer products used.




One important benefit of airbrush makeup is it can withstand moisture like rain or sweat. A waterproof sealant can be added especially during special occasions.


Color matching


Each kit comes with different shades and colors that you can choose from. To get a better match to your skin, you may mix two or three colors. This allows the final look to be more natural. If there is any color change to your skin, you can be assured that you can find a perfect match for it on the kit.




Airbrush makeup is easier to layer compared to traditional makeup. This is possible because of its thin layers. It is also evenly distributed due to the consistency of the makeup release.


Great for photographs


Since airbrush makeup has a more natural glow, this reflects well to photos. Whether it is in person or a photo that is from a distance or close up, it would look natural.


Airbrush makeup kits may be more expensive than the traditional ones, but with its numerous benefits, it is worth every penny. It not only gives off a better look, but it also lasts longer too. This means it gives excellent value for your money.

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