The Pros and Cons of Tyre Balancing

by Lewis Bell Blackhurst Garages - Save On Tyres

When it comes to our vehicles, we are often looking for ways to reduce expenses. It can mean ignoring the maintenance services that we know we shouldn't avoid. Among these services is Car Repair Whitchurch wheel balancing.

Many reasons indicate why you should balance your wheels regularly. Tyre balancing ensures maximum road safety, a smoother driving experience and increased service life of the car.

Wheel Balancing

Modern tyres come with little weights attached to the edges of the wheel at the time of tyre-fitting. These weights help in equal distribution of the tyre's weight. Wheel balancing means adjusting these weights to ensure every tyre is balanced evenly. It provides a smooth and comfortable ride. So, whenever you feel that your wheels are not balanced anymore, avail yourself of tyre services at the earliest.

It's essential to know that wheel balancing and alignment are two different aspects. They are both crucial for the car's performance, but they do separate things to the tyre.

Pros of Tyre Balancing

Listed below are the advantages of wheel balancing:-

Increased Durability - Improper tyre balancing is dangerous as it can result in potential road accidents. It also causes uneven tear and wear to the tyre, reducing the life of the tyre. Once you fix the wheel balancing issue in your vehicle, remember to opt for tyre rotation. It increases the longevity of the tyres.

Improved Road Safety - Unbalanced wheels affect the spinning proportion of the tyres. Hence, compromising your and your vehicle's safety on the road. Accurately balanced wheels help in equalizing the overall weight of the wheel and tyre assembly and increase road safety.

Enhanced Fuel Efficiency - When the wheels are out of balance, their fuel consumption rate increases as the vehicle requires more energy to keep it moving. Accurately balanced wheels improve fuel efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, saving you a lot of money.

Cons of Tyre Balancing

Take a look at the disadvantages of wheel balancing:-

Poor Handling - When the tyres get out of balance, their handling and gripping performance decreases. It makes your driving experience unpleasant and uncomfortable. The wheel balancing process spreads the weight equally over the tyre, making your vehicle move smoothly and optimally even at high driving speeds.

Reduced Steering Performance - One of the clear indicators of wheels getting out of balance is uneven steering. When it happens, the vehicle begins to move in another direction, but you want it to move in the opposite.

More Damage to the Vehicle - People often assume that there's no harm in delaying vehicle maintenance and service - it will save money. But that's not the fact. Delaying your car maintenance can cost you double the amount you were to pay during servicing. You may have to repair or replace other essential car components that were affected by improper wheel balancing.

When do I Need Wheel Balancing?

One must balance their car tyres every 5,000 miles or six months - whichever comes first. Generally, tyre experts recommend balancing your wheels every time you get a wheel alignment or change your oil.

Aside from routine servicing, we advise you to keep an eye on the following warning signs and get the tyres balanced at the earliest:-

  • Shaking steering wheel at fast driving speeds

  • Unusual vibrations in the chassis of the car

  • When you drive through a pothole or hit a kerb

  • When your vehicle gives low fuel mileage than usual

If you can see bald spots or other signs, such as - uneven wear on the tyre

At Blackhurst Garages, we understand the importance of a safe ride. That's why we offer tyres from the leading brands like Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli, and more at our workshop and online. Our facility provides high-class Car Repair Whitchurch for your car, such as - tyre rotation, wheel balancing, wheel alignment, etc., at affordable prices.

Call our helpline number to schedule your appointment.

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