All you need to know about tyre balancing

by Paul Dinkel Sawmoco Ltd

Tuning up the tyre set of the vehicle is known as tyre balancing. The purpose of tyre balancing is to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed. If the tyres of a vehicle are not in balance then the following symptoms may be exhibited like rapid wearing of tread, reduced fuel economy, floorboard and vibrations in the steering wheel.

Repairing the tyres and ensuring proper balance cannot be done by any novice mechanic. It requires the expertise of the trained professional. We at Sawmoco Ltd have a team of highly trained dedicated professionals. We also offer the best quality services and Tyres Sawston drivers can take advantage of. 

Reasons why wheels do out of balance

The wear and tear experienced by the tyre daily lead to tyre imbalances. Another reason which may lead to out of balance tyres is manufacturing imperfections. This can lead to unequal distribution of weight. The weight difference of only half an ounce is enough to cause vibrations while driving.

Process of re-balancing the tyres

The re-balancing of the tyres can only be done at a tyre shop that not only has a trained set of professionals but also in-depth knowledge in tyre balancing issues. We at Sawmoco Ltd make use of the tyre balancing machine. This machine measures the lighter or heavier areas and thus making the adjustments. Given below are the steps that are followed while balancing the tyres

Initially, a tyre is mounted on the tyre balancing machine.

While taking the vibration measurements the wheel is spun. This helps in identifying whether the weight is evenly distributed or not. If not then how much weight needs to be added or removed.

Sometimes while balancing the wheel it may be required to move the tyre and then balance it. This is done when a heavy spot encountered on the wheel and the tyre line up together.

When to get the tyres balanced

If the conditions given below are experienced then we need to get the tyres balanced

When the tyres are rotated after covering 5000 miles.

When a person purchases a new set of tyres.

Weight of the rim which is supposed to be there falls off.

When a person notices an uneven wearing of tyres.

When a tyre gets punctured and repaired

After driving through the rough roads.

When a person feels a vibration in the steering and the seat.

Realizing the importance of quality and affordable tyres makes us offer the best quality Maxxis tyres Sawston has ever seen. We also have tyre from top quality brands like Bridgestone, Pirelli, Michelin, Dunlop, and Continental. If there are wheels of the highest quality then there may be a chance that tyre balancing may be required that frequently.


If all the areas of the wheel and tyre unit have equal weight then there will be smooth rolling of tyres. Balancing of tyres is essential for maintaining comfort in the ride. The imbalanced tyres can be easily corrected but they need expert guidance. Thus because of our dedicated team, we have been able to successfully deliver on customer satisfaction which is our main motto.

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