What Are The Important Facts Related To Tyre Balancing?


Guessing from your appearance in this blog, you must either be a car owner or a driver! Our car has many important parts. And the majority of the owners or drivers pay focus to their car engine, bodywork, brakes, etc. and the tyres? They only get some water washing sessions every now and then.

Most of the drivers don’t even know the different kinds of tyre services that are important for their tyres to be healthy. Our tyres come in contact with dust, dirt, stones, nails, potholes, etc. All these conditions lead to their degradation. It makes our tyre deteriorate and throws off the wheel's alignment and the tyre balance.

People often think that just washing the tyres would make everything go perfectly well. But they are wrong! Whenever your get new tyres or your old tyres go through some hard road situations such as potholes and kerbs, you should check your tyre balance and wheel alignment.

And yes, these two are different things! So in this blog, we are going to learn about the importance of tyre or wheel balancing Reading. You will also know how to notice the signs that your tyre’s balance is off and needs balancing.

What do you mean by tyre balancing?

If you say tyre balancing, it is also famous as wheel balancing. So, if you hear anyone saying wheel balancing, don’t take it as wheel alignment. Tyre balancing explains the process which fixes the irregular or uneven load distribution on your car wheels. IF your wheels’ balance is off, it might lead to excessive tyre damage, vibrations, suspension damage and many other problems in the future.

You must take your tyre to a technician for your tyre balancing process. The professional would then mount your wheel and tyre assembly on a tyre balancing device. The device would then rotate the wheel and tyre composition and indicate the amount of imbalance they have. After knowing that information, the technician would install the right wheel weights to balance the tyre and wheel in the correct manner.

It might be the case that wheel alignment and wheel balancing might take place at the same time. They are completely different from each other and offer different works. While we know what wheel balancing does, wheel alignment refers to the adjustment of your vehicle’s steering and suspension inclination or angles. It has nothing to do with the balancing of your tyres or wheel.

But, why do our tyres need balancing?

From the discussion above, it sure sounds important to balance your tyre, but why?

Do you know the real reason behind the importance of balancing your tyres?

Proper wheel balancing offers many important benefits and we have the list below for your knowledge:

  • It offers you a smooth drive

  • Fewer damages on the tyre surface

  • It applies less strain on the car’s drivetrain

  • Balancing offers better fuel mileage to your car

  • You will hear fewer noises and vibrations


How do your car tyres go out of balance?

Why do your tyres get imbalanced? There are many reasons contributing to it. And the most contributing element is the uneven tyre damage or loss of wheel weight after a heavy impact from a pothole or a kerb. The other factor is no movement for a longer period. If you leave your car still for a very long time, you might find flat spots on the tyre’s tread contact patch. This leads to vibrations at road speeds.

What are the signs that your car tyres need balancing?

If you find uneven damage on your tyres, it might be a signal that your car tyres need balancing. It might be true if you notice vibrations in the floorboard, seat or steering wheels of your vehicle.

The area of your car that trembles can tell you if your rear or front wheels need tyre balancing services. If your front tyres are at fault, the steering wheel would vibrate while driving. But, if there are vibrations in the seats of your vehicle, the rear tyres would be the culprit. Other factors can also show vibrations. But, if you notice any of the above situations, you should rush to a technician and check your vehicle.

How long can you drive on these tyres?

If you see any of the above signs, you should go immediately to a technician. Only the technician, after examination, can tell you the details. However, you must not ignore the signs for too long.


Tyre balancing and alignment are some of the important services that can keep your tyres healthy. You can visit our store for all of your car issues, services, products, Tyre Pressure Check Reading, etc. Call us now or visit our website for more information.

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