The Modern Furniture Style: How to Transform Your Home with Rainforest Italy

by Rajesh Gupta Content Writer

Modern Furniture Introduction: What is Modern Furniture Style?

The word 'modern' often refers to the current or recent years, but sometimes it refers to the past. Modernism was a creative movement that started in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century and developed until the 1950s. Many artists of the time believed that the previous styles were outdated and didn't meet the demands of the industrialized world, so the goal of modernism was to define a replacement aesthetic for the fashionable world. Driven by the will to use these new materials, the artisans focused on producing furniture with a more artistic appeal yet being functional at the same time. These designs easily captured the eyes and hearts of consumers. Modernism touched all varieties of art and style, including furniture. 

Many pieces of modernist furniture are produced and sold today as well. Their elegant and modern look make them a frequent choice for the decoration of homes and offices. The main objective of this design theme is to introduce a cleaner, simpler design using modern materials that became available due to technological processes. Compared to the heavy visual presentation of traditional furniture, modern furniture designs have a lighter visual appeal. 

What Defines Modern Furniture Style?

Sleek, straight lines with smooth, shiny surfaces are the distinct features of modern furniture design. The emphasis in modern furniture style was on simple geometric forms rather than ornate designs featured on traditional designs. The trademarks of modern furniture design are the utilization of contemporary materials like exposed light woods, chrome steel, chrome, aluminum or nickel, plastic with clean, simple lines void of any intricate details. Modern furniture designs aim to supply items that are devoid of intricacies, messy lines, and color schemes.

Modern Furniture v/s Contemporary Furniture

People often mistake modern design furniture for contemporary design furniture. Although modern and contemporary designs may have some similarities, they're not identical or transposable.

Modern Furniture Design

Modern design furniture focuses on a particular time era and is based on German Bauhaus and Scandinavian designs. The main features of this design include:

  • Noticeable aesthetics

  • Angular

  • Clean, crisp lines

  • Warm neutrals

  • Balance

Contemporary Furniture Design

Contemporary design changes constantly to display or demonstrate the popular forms of current-day design. Contemporary furniture embraces the designs of our day, so its definition is fluid. It features:

  • Minimalism, modernism, and other universal styles without emphasizing on a particular component

  • Restructured traditional look with a modest mid-century modern influence

  • Less artistic

  • Clean, curved, softer lines but more practical or functional and some intricate detailing

  • Overstuffed with a softer look and feel

One of the most important differences between modern and contemporary furniture is the use of lines. Modern furniture prefers straight lines, while contemporary furniture uses large sweeping curves. Contemporary furniture uses bold colors whereas modern furniture makes use of subtle colors.

Characteristics of Modern Furniture Space

Modernist furniture became known for its sober character and undecorated elegance. Comfort and functionality were the priority and ornaments were considered unnecessary. Also, the furniture pieces were conceived to be affordable and simply mass-produced. These designs were a rebellion against the ornate designs that preceded them. Modernist principles embrace a straightforward, clean look. Its main characteristics include:

  • Minimalist design

  • Smooth surfaces

  • Clean, straight lines

  • Warm neutral colors, accented by vivid hues

  • Materials that include both woods and metals

How Rainforest Italy Can Help Transform Your Home

Rainforest Italy is a multidisciplinary consultancy service specializing in providing customized solutions to its clients. Since our inception in 2008, we attempt to deliver end to finish branding, architecture, and interior solutions. We've created spaces, service systems, and branding solutions over the years and are now presenting our home decor online store "Rainforest Italy" for consumers. Intending to refocus the concept of fine living on truth meanings of comfort, we inspire you with the liberty to form your own choice among the products and construct an area that identifies you and you alone. Our range of new furniture styles is designed to transform your home with Modern furniture.


We all want to feature something designer when it involves adding furniture to an area. Many of us may have faced the problem of choosing artistic designer furniture offline. Well, it's the simplest idea to travel with contemporary designs furniture because it not only adds the distinctiveness of an area but also comes with excellent customization. Incorporating sleek modern furniture design into your home is easy as you can buy it from online modern furniture stores. Check them out at Rainforest Italy to transform your home with modern furniture design.

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