The Malefic Quadro

by Vinay Bajrangi World Renowned Astrologer


It is a planet of dynamic energy, practical action, impulse, creative force, heat, and activation. Mars represents expanding strength, awakening desire, and outgoing temperament. It is a male, a dry planet, and signification of stamina, courage, ambition, desire, weapons and immovable property. He is the commander- in –chief. In human beings, he represents physical strength. He is cruel, malefic and masculine as these traits belong to the Kshatriya caste. He is of a tyrannic temper and wickedness. However, he is slightly tall, and always young. But he has bad habits and an unstable temperament. He possesses the luster of and of a lotus leaf. He is of extremely astringent taste. He has sparkling eyes with a glowing complexion. He is steady, brave, strong, bony, and bellicose but can be generous also. He is treacherous, cruel, possesses a fighting spirit, and is confident, rash, angry, violent and commanding. His constitution is healthy, responsible for quarrels, laziness, cruelty, deceit, passions, and desires. Diseases of fever, small-pox, carbuncle, swelling in the scrotum,  boils, illnesses caused by malnutrition, headache, jaundice, diseases in the private parts, stones in the bladder, phlegm, wounds, hurts, and gum-shots come under this planet. He acts like a soldier, doctor, barber, blacksmith and a mechanic. Mars has four feet and inhabits mountains or forests. He is fond of wearing a partly burnt cloth and prefers bitter and sour tasting edibles.


Saturn is a servant by nature. He represents discipline, system, order, diligence, discretion, persistence, obedience, and faithfulness. He is malefic and impotent by behavior. However, he is the weakest of the entire planet. From the worldly point of view, he belongs to a low or mixed caste. He is lean and tall with eyes of Kapila color, a delicate body, and a slow gait. He is an earthly planet and likes bitter things. He can be a gossip monger quarrelsome, the most magnificent malignant planet; Saturn (Shani) is called misfortune, delays, difficulties, and suffering. He likes pungent things, looks the oldest. If Saturn is active in one's horoscope, he will make the native shy, averse to society, careful of his affairs and family, austere, reluctant to sudden changes, stubborn, morose, fanciful, and subtle for his ends. He takes the subject over longer journeys, gives a steady result which commensurates with labors, brings in endurance, calmness, consideration for the welfare of the society, interest in the occult and spiritualism. It causes diseases from cold, melancholy, epilepsy, leprosy, fistula, pain in limbs and joints, gout, deafness, rheumatism, stammering, dumbness, By occupation, he is a servant, agriculturist, miner, potter, brick-manufacturer, scavenger, gardener, caretaker for livestock and domesticated animals. He is responsible for remarriage, is old and has owl's eyes, rotten nails, and unattractive hair. He‘s gluttonous and loves the species of the underworld. He is a male eunuch of tamasic temperament and wears torn clothes. Saturn is exalted in Libra, inauspicious in Leo in powerful in Capricorn and Aquarius, the two houses it owns.

The role of Saturn in life has often been misunderstood as most people consider it to be a planet of adversity, harshness, sorrow, pain suffering, loss and ill-luck. People dread Saturn so much that its transit in the various natal houses of the horoscope leaves an

Important-mark over the houses and the planets it interacts within its transit. Its transit over the natal moon is popularly known as

Saturn's adverse period (Sade Sati) Saturn when a place is Gemini, Virgo and Taurus and Libra is considered friendly and auspicious for the natives, but in other signs the results are interdependent. Saturn is close to Venus and mercury, natural in its relations with Jupiter and unfriendly with the Sun, Moon, and Mars. Saturn, If not afflicted or debilitated, can add strength to the natal chart. An exalted Saturn magnifies the beneficial result of the house. It sometimes enhances the thinking capacity of the natives. It also adds mental strength, courage and endurance and interest to probe deep into the mysteries of nature as even interest in subjects like parapsychology, the occult, yoga, meditation, religion, and philosophy. World-renowned religious leaders, philosophers, and reformers have had the benefice effect of well placed Saturn in their natal charts. No doubt, Saturn calls for trails and tribulation. But it is an ugly truth that life without struggle is no experience is human beings cannot progress without overcoming obstacles. It is Saturn that imbues in the natives the will to undergo hardship and come up in life through dint of hard labor. Natives governed by a well-placed Saturn world are series minded and devoted to a nobler cause. It is, therefore incorrect to say that Saturn is only a malefic planet.

Rahu (Dragon's Head)

Rahu is a shadowy planet, fisher-man by caste, a female, a Mlechchha, e  .i., of wicked disposition, moves in Apasavya direction, is courageous, malefic, inhabits mountains and forests, and cause epilepsy, pox, worms, suicide, leprosy.

Like other planets in the planetary system, Rahu also exerts its formidable influence on a man's destiny. The image of a demon with huge and protruding head-the head being wholly severed from the rest of the body- symbolizes Rahu's insatiable lust for life and endless desire which are unlikely to materialize. The dragon's head dark and shadowy in color and it molests the two vital luminary's viz., the Sun and the Moon. It has lordship over the house of Virgo. IT gets exalted in Gemini and gets debilitated in Sagittarius.

Rahu is an accelerator and a catalyst. It magnifies the noble qualities of a house provided, of course, that it is astrology placed and free from blemishes, to obtain the optimum benefits from such a placement. Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius are considered favorable placement of Rahu. Its cordial relationship with Mercury or Venus in the natal chart is also a decisive factor to be given due consideration in this regard. And its placement in an angle or a trine undoubtedly accentuates its positive influence on the native. Saturn usually interferes with its intrinsic ability to magnify the result of the house where it is located.

Rahu is malefic, very similar influence to Saturn. If a planet by virtue of his position and lordship is capable of producing goods results, Rahu involved with a close relationship with that particular planet will magnify beneficial effects in an important sector such as politics and public life. Rahu generally gives good results if placed in the third, sixth, tenth or eleventh angles.

Ketu (dragon's tail)

Ketu is also a shadowy planet, catches snakes and is a Sanyasin by profession. She lives on alms, belongs to a mixed caste and knows mantras. She is a medical practitioner, grateful but clever, and dexterous makes pilgrimage practices. Yoga has a divine and supernatural strength and helps in the salvation of man from the cycle of birth and rebirth. Ketu, the dragon's tail is an enunch karmic planet. It is a planet of secrets and mysteries. The position of Ketu in a native chart shows the qualities and characteristics developed during past lives. A planet in conjunction with Rahu has a particular significance about the result signified by Ketu's association with the other planet. Ketu's placement in the first half of the natal chart is considered to be highly auspicious for one's steady rise. While his childhood may be difficult, he will make progress as the years advance and will become more prosperous with age. The case will be reversed if Ketu is placed in the second half of the native's chart. A well-positioned Ketu with good association and aspects would facilitate the native to rise to great heights and bestows name, fame and social esteem. Afflicted nodes (Rahu and Ketu) often cause setback and difficulties, tensions and turmoils. But mostly after undergoing some typing phases in life, the natives have chances of subsequent improvements including interest in spiritual aspects of life, as also in parapsychology and the occult. Ketu influences Mars conjunction Saturn. Ketu is exalted in Sagittarius, ruler in Pisces, harmonious in Arise, debilitated in Gemini, detrimental in Virgo and inharmonious in Libra.

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