Casting a Horoscope

by Vinay Bajrangi World Renowned Astrologer
There are elaborate methods of casting a horoscope. The following method can be conveniently used with some advantage for a rough and ready reckoning. For this purpose, one has to follow the Nirayana (ex-precession) position of planets.

One must have an Ephemeris (Panchanga) meaning the five Angas (an Almanac) before one begins. These five angas are the lunar day (tithi), Day (vara), constellation (Nakshatra), yoga and Karana.

Every Panchanga (Nirayana) has been computed according to the conception of Ayanamsha degrees. The following Nirayana has been found to be an accessible and acceptable system.

One has to find the Udaya Ascendant or the sign which the Sun is moving through at the time of local sunrise on the date followed by the number of Ghatika to be traversed by the Sun in that house. Divide the number of Ghatikas appropriate to the sign occupied by the sun by the number of the days of the Solar month and multiply the result by the remaining number of days of the solar month. The remaining Ghatikas of the Sun's Rashi has been arrived at. Add to these, the Ghatika measure of the next Rashi or Rashi as may be necessary to arrive at the total time represented by "Ishta", i.e., the period lapsed between the Sunrise and the moment of birth (or "Prashna" etc) The last Rashi by the addition of which the Ishta is arrived at will be the Ascendant. You will them have to place the planets in the twelve, and this can be done by referring to the Ephemeris (Panchanga), which will indicate the position of the planets for any given date.

The duration of each sign (Rashi) differs according to the latitude. For example, Madras gets for Aries/ Mesha 4 Ghatis and 28 Vighatis, whereas Mumbai gets for Aries/ Mesha 4 Ghatis and 17 Vighatis, and so on the next step will be to find out the navamsa (the ninth division) which means that each sign is split into nine parts. This is useful in finding out what part of the house a planet is located in and whether it is a benefic or a malefic portion, or the portion of a friend or an enemy. This has also to be taken into consideration when predictions are made. This is calculated thus, for Aries (Mesha), the first navamsa will begin with Arise (Mesha) itself and end with Sagittarius (Dhanus). For Taurus, the first navamsa will be of Capricorn because in Arise the last is Sagittarius and after Sagittarius we have Capricorn and so on. For Easy calculation, for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, count from Libra; for cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, count from Cancer. There is a Drekkana or the three divisions of each house. Here these are divided opinions:

The lord of the first Drekkana of any house will be the Lord himself; for the 2nd Drekkana, the lord of the 5th house; the lord of the 3rd Drekkana will be the lord of the 9th house; e.g., for Aries, the lord of the three Drekkana will be Mars, sun, and Jupiter, respectively.

Another school of thought: The Rashis are divided into Chara, Sthira and Ubhaya, i.e., movable, fixed and dual. The lord of the three Drekkana for moveable signs will be the lords of the 1st, 5th and 9th house from that house. For fixed Rashi the lord of the three Drekkana will be the lords of the 9th house, the 1st house, and the 5th house respectively; the Drekkana for the dual houses will be that of the lord of the 5th house, the 9th house, and the 1st house respectively. For Aries- CharaRashi, the lord of the three Drekkana will be Mars, sun, and Jupiter, for Taurus- a fixed sign, the lord of the three Drekkana will be Saturn, Venus, and Mercury, and for Gemini a dual sign, the lord of the three Drekkana will be Venus, Saturn, and Mercury respectively.

Besides the Navamsas and the Drekkana, the Hindu Astrology contains elaborate considerations of other divisions or Vargas, viz., Hora (two divisions), Saptamamsa (seven divisions), Ashtamamsa (eight divisions) Dashamamsa (ten divisions) Dwadashamsa (twelve divisions), Shodashamsa (sixteen divisions), Trimshamsa (thirty divisions) and Shashtyamsha (sixty divisions).

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