Calculation Of Dashas (Major Periods) And Avasthas ( Planetary Phases)

by Vinay Bajrangi World Renowned Astrologer

From a Panchanga, find out the nakshatra ruling on the day and see if the same Nakshatra is ordering at the time of birth. If the next Nakshatra has begun, find out the duration of this on the day in question and the following day. The net magnitude is called Adyanta or total duration. Find out the unexpired period of the nakshatra at the time of birth. Suppose the total number of Ghatikas is 65. After birth, the balance of nakshatra is only 5 GH. If the nakshatra should be Krittika, the balance of sun's Dasha at birth will be 1/13 of 6 years period of 5 months 16 days, 9 Ghatis.

Then the sequence of Dashas will follow, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu, Venus, according to Vimshothari Major Period system on the presumption of planetary influence object in the Solar system.

In every Major Period, its Sub-period stars first. In the Sun's Major-period, the first Sub-period will be that of the Sun followed by those of, the Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu, and Venus.


Planets are given technical names according to their placement as follows:

1. Exaltation (Deeptha)

2. Own House (Swastha )

3. Athimithra House (Mudita) 

4. Friend's House (Shanta) The Friend being benefit         

5. Natural House (Hina)

6. Enemy's House (Dukha or Dhukhitha)

7. Associated with Malefic (Vikala)

8. Being defeated in planetary War (Khala)

9. Eclipsed in Association with Sun (Kopi)

10. In Accelerated Motion (Bheeta)

Results of phases (Avasthas)

In DeepthaDasha: In the major-period of an exalted planet, the result will be a success, prosperity, purchase of land, joy, happiness, respect from relations, presents and honors from high dignitaries, acquisition of luxuries, social position in society.

In SwasthaDasha: wealth, happiness, learning, fame, respect, happiness are indicated.

In Shanta Dasha: patience, help from relations, courage, fruitful vocation, job satisfaction, learning, wealth and recreation, pleasant trips are indicated.

In HinDasha: change of residence, strained relations with kith and kin, living by unfair means and being disowned by people, all round tensions, health hassles are indicated.

In DukhaDasha: Living in a foreign country, being miserable, loss of relations, fear from thieves, fire, and fear of punishment from the government are definite possibilities.

In Vikala Dasha: difficulties, mental uneasiness, death parents, theft of clothes, ornaments, and valuables belonging spouse and children and sometimes danger from accidents/traffic hazards are to be faced.

In Khala Dasha: quarrels, separation from or death of spouse and family, and of parents, loss of wealth and property through inimical activities and being suspected by his people are found.

In Kopi Dasha: Being prone to many sins, loss of fame, loss of the spouse, loss of wealth, loss of property through the government or agencies are indicated.

In BheetaDasha: Unfavourable results and untoward happening occur.

The above are generalized statements. These may be useful when taken into consideration with other condition and factors.

There are other Avasthas which deserve to be mentioned and are as follows:

1. Bathing                                       

2. Dressing                                      

3. Sweet scant                                 

4. Preparation for worship           

5. Prayer                                            

6. Worship                                         

7. Preparing for sacrifice                 

8. kneeling   

9. Going around the altar   

10. Contemplation  

11. Receiving guests     

12. Dining     

13. Drinking water    

14. Anger            

15. Chewing betel

16. Meditation   

17. Court entry                            

18. Crowing                                   

19. Private consultation                 

20. Delay                                            

21. Sleeping                                        

22. Drinking alcohol  

23. Drinking sweet drinks

24. Acquiring wealth

25. Removing the crown

26. Profound sleep

27. Sexual union or matters

To find the out the condition of a planet in a horoscope at the time of birth, the following method should be adopted. 

  • Find out the number of houses from Aries or the Ascendant, both inclusive. Add the two numbers and multiply the sum by two.

  • Multiply this sum again by the number of years given for the planetary major- period of the planet, according to the Vimshottari Dasha system.

  • Divide the result by 27 and note the remainder. This number shows the condition of the planet in the above rule.

  • The conditions in numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 23, and 25 give auspicious and favourable results.

  • The conditions in the remaining numbers may cause considerable effort and difficulties, as one must face several challenges in these unfavorable periods.

These difficulties can be effectively tackled with timely and suitable measures.

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