The Impact of Augmented Reality in Education

by Ezeetest App CTO

Augmented Reality in classrooms would make the students get addicted to learnings as the learning process is made interactive and supportive for all types of learners.


Let us understand the impact of Augmented Reality in education here.


Learning is becoming more interactive and immersive. The reality technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, or Mixed Technology is getting infused into learning processes too.


It is an interesting experience and fun for school children. They are enjoying the technology as if entertainment for them, but in reality, they have started learning things in a more better and interactive way. It is bringing the change in the conventional boundaries of education.


In one of our previous blog, we have witnessed the impact of Virtual Reality (VR) in Education. Let us see how Augmented Reality (AR) in education is creating an impact.


Augmented Reality in Education:


Augmented Reality adds additional layers of information to give a rich digital experience by using the computer-aided graphics. It helps you to understand the physical world around you

In a better way.


Though the field needs to be explored more in education, it is anticipated that it makes the complex information simpler.


AR connects the reality to digital content and makes learning process interesting, and the students experience diversified and detailed learnings. It helps to sharpen their skills as the visual 3D images give a detailed note on the concept. It is helpful in higher education too including medical or engineering disciplines.


Moving forward, let us visualize an AR classroom and know about its impact on learning.


Impact of Augmented Reality Classrooms in Learning


Animated content:

Presenting animated content for a lesson attracts the students’ attention dynamically. It helps them to grasp the subject more elaborately and efficiently. It helps the teachers to communicate better with the students by providing audio or video tips.


It delivers faster learning opportunities and envelops all the three types of learners such as visual, auditory, and the kinesthetic. It also enhances the cognitive skills of the student.


Explanation of Abstract:

AR technology helps to explain the abstract too. AR classrooms can make maths, a theoretical subject interesting by translating them into real concepts.


It can also make history or the literature subject interactive through 3D technology. Thus, it helps the visual learners task easy, and make the dry subjects or theory interesting. Learning of planets, maths, and, etc., are all made easy.


Engaging environment:


A part of the lesson can be made as a teaser with supportive 3D models. It helps the student to learn things from a different perspective.


For instance, CASE, the Canadian tech company has transformed the school gym wall like a ball game just by adding AR layers to it. It facilitates the kids to have funny physical exercise.



Mobile devices with AR:


The mobile devices could be incorporated into AR technology. The AR apps help the children to learn from anywhere anytime. After school hours, the students can engage in active learning with the help of AR apps.


In brief, AR is nothing but an interaction with the 3D models. You have all the access to rotate, change the color, make it transparent, change the style, and so forth to get a better understanding of the subject. For example Study of Human anatomy.


In advanced learning, one can opt for special gadgets such as a holographic lens, rather than a smartphone.


Augmented training:


The AR learnings empower the students to learn by doing. It delivers the student to apply, analyze, and evaluate the knowledge gained in an immersive and interactive experience. Instead of memorizing the learnings, the students get involved in critical thinking and communication.


Benefits of AR technology in classrooms:

  • It leads to deeper and interactive learning of a subject
  • A smartphone is enough to use the technology
  • The class trips are more interactive
  • Increased participation level of the students
  • Enhances cognitive skills of the students
  • Take the education to the next level


Closing thoughts:


The possibilities of AR in education is promising. Still, it is in progress. This lucrative technique provides the best way for an acute learning system. And, we find several AR apps for learning in the market.

It is helping the teachers as a great tool to motivate the students to learn better. And, we anticipate that AR brings an appreciable revolution in the education sector much faster.

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