Help Your Child to Succeed in 8th Standard SSC Board Exam

by Ezeetest App CTO

Positive parenting plays a significant role for a child to excel in the board exam.


The parents support in each step of the child’s exam preparation is utmost important. It is a loving responsibility to see that our child studying for 8th Standard SSC Board exam excels without any burden either emotionally, morally, or physically.


Let us understand a few of the tips to support our children’s academic progress, whether, they are studying for SSC Board Exam or any other academic exam.


Every parent wants his child to pass their board exam with flying colors, be it a Maharashtra SSC Board, college, or any other state board exam.  


It is understood that passing the board examination with good marks influences the future career decisions. And, both parents and children are anxious equally to excel in the exam.  


Evidently, we find children taking up extra-coaching, additional study hours in the school, group studies, late night or early morning studies, and, etc. In addition, we find supportive technologies these days that help the students to prepare well after school hours.


For instance: Exam-prep apps, Aptitude test apps, Online Test Series, and, etc.


However, apart from these mobile apps, school hours, or the extra-coaching hours, parents support helps the child to be strong emotionally and mentally which is a must for every child.


Accordingly, we have listed down what all a parent can do to support their child in the best possible way during board exam preparation. Let us see how you, being a parent can help your child studying in 8th standard SSC Board Exam to succeed.


Help Your Child to Excel in 8th Standard SSC Board Exam


☑️ Take Time for Leisure Activities:

I believe your child is studying for long hours a day. Studying for long hours make your child stressed out and tiresome. Instead of asking your child to be a bookworm, help him/her by taking your time to play with the child.


You can play with your child games like badminton, tennis, chess, carom, football. Or you can simply walk with him for about twenty minutes, talk to your child in a friendly manner, and encourage him positively without comparing to the neighbor’s child or the school topper.


Positive parenting plays a key role in upbringing the mental and emotional health of a child.


☑️ Take Time to Motivate their morale:

In case, your child scores lesser marks or commits mistake during studies, do not panic and become furious with them.


Help them to solve their questions in a better way. It is time for you also to do so some research work in making them understand the concepts better.


Ask them to jot down all the doubts and take the teacher’s help to clear them. At the end of the day, ensure that they are clear about their doubts. Sit with them patiently and boost their morale.


☑️ Take Time to Cook your Child’s Favorite Dishes:

It is understood that you should prepare a light and energetic food that helps to boost their energy at the subtle level.


You may also read 3 Secrets to Improve Your Memory Power for Success in Board Exam [ hyperlink] to know the foods that increase the memory power.   


In addition to adding the diet like walnut, fruits, vegetables, and, etc., it is suggested that taking a favorite dish keeps the enthusiasm of the child in track.


You may also bribe them by promising their favorite food on successful completion of a set target.


☑️ Take Time to Prepare A Timetable with Your Child:

It is recommended to sit with your child and prepare a timetable for exam preparation. Be a friend and help him in all of his academic activities.


You can sit with your child and prepare a timetable for one month or three months duration and see that they follow it promptly for their micro-progress.


For instance: You can together plan to allow the subjects to study per day, topics to cover per day, jot down the important topics and make a deadline for each of it.


And, see that they are successfully completing the tasks. Motivate them to compete with themselves by completing the tasks on time efficiently rather than comparing them with other children.


☑️ Take Time to Help Them Be Focused:

It is strictly recommended to refrain oneself from comparisons and abstain from arguments. This would disturb their focus on studies and build complexity or low feeling in them.


Further, help your child to remove distractions. When you curtail child’s television time, it is recommended that even you get restricted from watching television. Your child follows your suit and not what you advise.


☑️ Take Time to Remove Your Child’s Exam Fear:

Make a realistic timetable and encourage your child to stick to it. Do not treat exams as a war that ruins life if not won.


For example: If you see a sweeper, don’t tell them if you fail you will become like him. Instead, encourage him if you study well, you can think ways to help them for a better life. This is positive parenting which rekindles the moral value and supportive studies.


If your child can concentrate well at night, let it be so. Do not force them for early morning hours and vice versa.


Ensure that your child stays relaxed. Keep their stress level to the minimum. No one is perfect in all things. Be aware that there are children who may fail to cope up with the parent’s pressure and commit suicide or go to depression.


The Closing Thoughts: In a nutshell, as a parent,


☑️ Keep them cheerful

☑️ Keep them stress-free

☑️ Play with them

☑️ Have fun with them

☑️ Help them study easy

☑️ Boost their morale

☑️ Be with Them


Assure your child that you are there for them always.

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