Sample Paper for Class 9 Science MCQs-MSBSHSE

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Multiple Choice Questions [MCQs] form the basis for most of the competitive exams today. They are introduced in the academics also long before to train the young brains for applying the principles, discriminate the facts, interpret, and arrive at an answer from a given choice of answers.  


Let us have a look on sample paper for Class 9 Science MCQs here as represented in the Ezeetest App, an easy to use the app for exam preparation.



Multiple Choice Questions [MCQs] are one of the most preferred testing instruments for academic students. The MCQs approach helps the students to perceive, interpret, and integrate the gained knowledge and experiences to evaluate a problem or situation in order to find the appropriate solution.  

Apart from this, the other advantages of MCQs are listed below.


Advantages of Solving MCQs:


  • A simple recall of the prior knowledge
  • Understand the principles and concepts
  • Apply the learned principles
  • Discriminate the facts from postulates
  • Interpret the charts and graphs
  • Analyze the relevance of the given data


Techniques to Solve MCQs:


  • Regular practice by solving MCQs pertaining to the syllabus
  • Rephrasing the questions by having a second look to understand the concept
  • Solving the question first and then confirming the answer in the choices given
  • Eliminating the wrong answers with reasoning and analytical ability


So, let us move forward and solve sample MCQs on Science for Maharashtra State Board Class IX students [MSBSHSE].


1. What of the following statement is NOT TRUE about Euglena?

(A) Euglena is a multicellular organism

(B) Euglena shows a photosynthetic mode of nutrition in the presence of light

(C) Euglena shows the holozoic mode of nutrition in the absence of light

(D) Euglena has flagella as locomotory organs.



Supporting Points to Remember:

  • Characteristic features of Phylum Protozoa
  • Orders of Phylum Protozoa and representative organisms
  • Unicellular and Multicellular Organisms
  • Diagram of Euglena you studied


So, the Answer is A


2. When a few crystals of Copper sulfate is added to water, the water turns blue after some time.

This is due to

  • Melting
  • Diffusion
  • Sublimation
  • Brownian motion


3. Find the odd one out:

  • Silver
  • Arsenic
  • Gold
  • Sodium


4. The rearing of silkworms for the production of silk is known as:

  • Apiculture
  • Sericulture
  • Pisciculture
  • Agriculture


5. Starch Iodide + Chlorine Gas→ Starch chloride + Iodine ↓

Which kind of reaction is this?

  • Combination
  • Displacement
  • Decomposition
  • Double Displacement


6. _______is responsible for conduction of food from the leaves to other parts of the body

  • Xylem
  • Phloem
  • Meristem
  • All of these


7. A feeble sound could be changed as a louder sound by increasing its

  • Wavelength
  • Amplitude
  • Speed
  • Frequency


8. Typhoid is caused by

  • Salmonella typhi
  • E.coli
  • Vibrio cholera
  • Bacillus cereus


9. The universal law of gravity is propounded by

  • Newton
  • Graham
  • Archimedes
  • Kepler


10. The ribosomes are known as the

  • The Powerhouse of the cell
  • Suicidal bags of the cell
  • Protein factory of the cell
  • Skeleton of the cell


11. If you are standing in a bus and the bus starts suddenly,

  • You will tend to fall in the opposite direction
  • You will tend to fall in the same direction
  • You will tend to fall sideways
  • You will stand still


12. The evaporation is ______________at higher temperature

  • Fast
  • Slow
  • Zero
  • No change


13. The amount of heat required to increase the temperature of 1 kg mass of a substance through 1K is known as its

  • Specific heat
  • Specific energy
  • Specific density
  • Specific stress


14. The electrons present in the outermost shell are known as:

  • Octane
  • Duplet
  • Valence
  • None of the above


15. A barometer is used to measure:

  • Pressure
  • Wind velocity
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Gaseous pressure


If you are interested to know the answers for these questions with reasons or want to attend more questions that would help you to gain high score in class IX Maharashtra State Board Exam [MSBSHSE] and competitive exams in future, you may download this easy to use, the exam-prep app.


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