Benefits of Cultural and Sports Activities in SSC Board Exam

by Ezeetest App CTO

Besides academics, achieving excellence in other co-curricular activities like cultural or sports helps the student gain competence.


However, it is also understood that while taking time for other activities, there is every chance to lose academic excellence and this is a major concern for parents and children alike.


Ezeetest App provides the timely help for these students by making them attend online practice tests on the go, whenever they are actively involved in other curricular activities.


Schooling provides the better learning space and environment for the children, where they receive the formal education. However, the schools or colleges are not restricted to academic programs alone. It includes co-curricular activities, sports, and, etc., that helps the children to gain the required personality development rather than becoming a bookworm.


Evidently, students dedicate time to their extra co-curricular activities apart from their academic schooling. While doing so, it is noted that a few of them lag in their academic traits and find themselves struggling to achieve more marks and manage time during the exams.


“I knew the answer, but did not attend due to less time!”


“I did not get time to revise my answer papers and lost 10 marks!”


These are a few of the standard complaints of students who are good at both academics and co-curricular activities.


Ezeetest- the Revision App is an apt answer for them!


Before understanding how Ezeetest App help the cultural & sports students excel in their SSC Board Exam, let us know the benefits of extracurricular activities and the marks awarded by the MSBSHSE.


A few of the benefits include:


Social Benefits:

Involving in activities paves the way for social interaction and building a new relationship. Students are involved in groups who come from varied background and schools which helps them to know about different cultures, passions, interest, and so forth.


This helps for interpersonal skills development.


Practical Benefits:

It helps them to learn work in a group, earn a sense of responsibility, increases the confidence level, and etc. They will be able to meet the challenges easily, work in a co-operative manner.


This helps for career and personal growth as well.  


Educational Benefits:

Sustained involvement reflects the inner potentiality of the student. The students who are talented in both academics and co-curricular activities are able to face the world in a better manner.


They become more competent to sustain in the competitive world.


Realizing the influence of cultural and sports activities in the life of a student, academic schools encourage the students to get involved in activities apart from academic work[s].


Moreover, the academic Schools/Colleges and the State/Central Government involved promotes students for varied activities by encouraging them through quotas, additional marks, and, other beneficial reservations throughout their life and career.


The reservations help the students to find a way into the college and courses of their choice in future.


Let us see how the Maharashtra SSC Board award marks for their students actively involved in sports and cultural activities here.


Cultural Quota Marks Awarded for Maharashtra State Board Class 10 Exams

Well, anyone who is participating in the cultural or sports event would be happy with the marks credited.


If we think from the practical side, it is understood that many a times students miss the classes or unit tests in the name of practice for the upcoming event[s].


Though the marks help to gain the desired college or course, it is utmost important to gain the lagging knowledge and attend the tests successfully.


In the meantime, the students are expected to take special attention to cover up the syllabus before their academic exam commences.


Though studying extra hours at home during holidays would make up the uncovered syllabus, there is every chance that the student may lose the time management ability in tests. They may know the answers, yet, leave the questions unanswered in the tests because of poor management of time, leaving them disappointed.


Ezeetest Apps comes in handy and provides the timely help for these special students.


How Ezeetest App help the students involved in sports and cultural activities to manage their tests efficiently?  


The students may use the Ezeetest App while they are traveling for tournaments or any other cultural activities. They can practice online especially the online practice tests, sample test papers, revise their learnings and manage the time dedicated to tests more efficiently.


Further Reading: How to Use Ezeetest App for Online Practice Tests


If the students are able to dedicate at least an hour a day with the mobile app when away from home, it would help them a lot during the exam period.


Another advantage is that they are able to get connected with their subject teacher to know about their performance, request for custom tests for the chapters they are lagging behind.

It helps them to study while commuting, free hours even when they are away from home or school to participate in an event/tournament.


Realize the Real Benefit of Ezeetest App while on the Go.


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