The Hospitality industry could be more hospitable if it adopts Rubber Flooring.

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The hospitality industry is probably the most misunderstood industry on the planet, it works day and night to provide a feel-good factor to the populous at large but in the end is inundated with complaints some of which are serious but some are just downright deplorable and a miserable attempt by someone to get by without paying a charge. The hospitality industry works on strict rules, ethics and codes sand accepts any serious lapses in service with grace; they ensure that the faults are not repeated and customers are provided benefits above and beyond dreams to maintain service standards. This also spreads a good name for the industry letting it operate under the very apt slogan of ‘service with a smile’ and ‘attitude of gratitude’.

Let’s start with commercial kitchens, as anyone who would have stepped in one knows there is a lot of hustle and bustles along with noise, shouting and heat. There is a lot of grime, fluid, sauce, pasta and what not that fall on the floor in a commercial kitchen. These places have to comply with strict health and safety standards and the slightest of lapses can result in calamities or loss of lives. Lapses can also run down the establishment with loss of patrons and also result in strict actions like sealing or an altogether closure of the establishment. A clean kitchen can help comply with many safety and health regulations and Rubber Flooring can help do just that. A rubber floor can help absorb the impact of any large utensil falling on it, rubber has non-staining properties thus making it an ideal choice for commercial kitchens as spillages are a common occurrence in kitchens. Rubber-based floorings only require a mop and some water to be squeaky clean and be ready for the adventures of the next day in the kitchen. Since rubber is anti-slip you can easily move around in the kitchen without a worry of any slips or slides. Amongst the toughest of floorings is Rubber Flooring: its installation is not only economical in terms of money but also in terms of time, it usually lasts between 5 to 7 years depending upon wear and tear and footfall.

Nightclubs are the watering holes of the modern youth, they let their hair down and dance their worries away, and it is also a great place for get-togethers along with office parties and reunions. Nightclubs are often associated with hip hop and dance with drinks going all around and women with all sorts of heels walking around. This scenario though delightful to visualize is also an accident waiting to happen, one slip on a hard slippery floor and god knows what sort of an injury can occur. Rubber flooring can help create a safe environment where anyone can dance and walk without worry and any spill can be cleaned with a good old fashioned mop. Rubber does not allow any water pooling thus it can absorb any spills easily. So dance away to the tunes make way for bliss on those merry nights without a worry about safety flooring.

A pint of bitter please’ they used to say in the old days, it still goes on at Bars today. Bars in whatever form and whatever name they may have been called have stood the test of time and adapted to the changes to become one of the most prominent city haunts for everyone. These have been places where one came to drown their sorrows, some came in groups to drink and talk in peace, some came for official meetings over a few drinks and some came just to sit with their pals and watch the night go by. But bars have been witness to many drink spills and food drops on their floors, add to this the 90 percent probability of a brawl taking place and you have a scenario where the floor needs to be clean and safe. Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tiles are the safest options for bars, with a high compression gradient they are the aptest installation to handle any kind of flying furniture and glass that flies around during a brawl, it might even save a few glass pieces from breaking. The floor is nonslippery so accidents of slipping cant occur. To top it all modern rubber-based floorings come with a great design profile that can add to the interiors of your bar amplifying the design quotient and making the bar look even more attractive.

Hotels are the crème de la crème of the hospitality industry; they house gyms, saunas/steam baths, massage centers, multi-cuisine restaurants, swimming pools, bars, nightclubs, and discotheques. Banquets are another feature of hotels that evoke awe with their grandeur and size.

Hotel swimming pools are a place of hustle and bustle with many people running from here to there and jumping from one pool to the other. Kids are especially at risk because they run around the most, Rubber Flooring Manufacturers have come up with unique floorings that can absorb all the water and provide a surface that has traction preventing any fall or slip even when your feet are wet. The flooring can be installed around saunas, steam baths, showers, and swimming pools to prevent any accidents from occurring; the rubber can withstand the wear and tear that occurs with water being around without even a smudge. The flooring can last for about 5 years even in such harsh conditions; this gives you an idea about the durability and strength of the rubber from Fab Floorings India (FFI).

Bars and Nightclubs in hotels are more or less similar to the stand-alone ones mentioned earlier but they require a more gentile looking flooring that can blend into the surroundings of the hotel, FFI has a design teams that has been providing rubber floor design solutions for the better part of a decade and so far the results have been par excellence. The safety aspect as discussed earlier can only be increased whence rubber-based flooring is installed.

Saunas and steam baths are areas with high heat and moisture most hard floorings in these areas are covered in moisture and one has to tiptoe in these areas. A simple slip can lead to a big slide resulting in a major injury and averting this should be a top priority. Rubber-based flooring has become a norm in hotels for the earlier mentioned places since rubber can absorb the moisture its surface remains dry providing the necessary friction needed to walk or run as u please, this makes your massage not only soothing and relaxing but also safe. You can now safely walk out of the steam bath to the shower and then into the changing room without tiptoeing likes a mouse.

Gyms in hotels are usually equipped with some form of rubber flooring usually this is either in roll or mat format since a large swath of the area needs to be covered. FFI provides hotel with the option to design their own colors for rubber rolls, this is primarily done as hotels have their own interior designers who demand absolute precision in their design and prefer to make their own color mixtures to accentuate the interiors of the hotel.

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