The elementary exercise has witnessed the highest amount of variations

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Pushups have been an exercise staple for millennia they are used to increase core strength and stamina and have been undergoing a metamorphosis of late.

Pushups have been an elementary form of exercise for countless millennia: from kalaripayattu to kung-fu to mixed martial arts to weight training and race tracks and swimming, all involve  pushups as a core strength and stamina building exercise, the more one can do it the merrier it is. Schools, colleges, parks, gyms, health studios all stress on one form of pushup or the other, even the traditional AKHADAAS have a form of pushup. This pretty much means that the push up is here to stay.

There is however a growing change in the pushup world since the traditional form was getting boring so fitness experts had to think fast as leaving this exercise out was not an option. There are now several variations to pushups and listing them all won’t be possible but we could name a few that you might have seen or you are trying to ape or even looking out for.

Please ensure that you attempt the below stated in a safe environment and on Rubber Flooring to minimize any risk of injury.

Most call it the clap pushup: you can raise yourself up and try to clap during this pushup, the clap can be towards the ground and high-up as a gradual progression towards perfection, this will require a lot of strength and build up so do not make any shortcuts.

The one handed pushup has been around for a long time and is an explosive workout for your entire core, this pushup requires a firm grip and lot of strength and you will need to watch out for any mistakes as a slip can be fatal.

There is a new form out called the trying to go up pushup by some where you just lift your hands up the ground as you go up and then put them on the ground again. This pushup brings about additional strength to your workout and is pretty useful and can be performed by anyone. As always be safe.

Some people also like to tap their chest during a pushup, this is another variation of the clap but slightly more dangerous as you need to quick. This should only be performed once you are sure of your core strength and know that your arms can take the pressure and you have that ability to make the maneuver.

You would probably have read about it or seen it or heard about the Super-Man style pushup, yes, you read it right SUPERMAN. The push involves that when you lift up you go fully in the air and take the flying position of Superman with the fist thumped towards front and one arm back half fold. This is an extremely hard pushup and quite dangerous, this will take months to perfect but it will take even longer to be able to safely perform this. The Superman style pushup is the end all of all styles of pushups and if are able to perform this, you can count yourself as a hero and you can rest assured that you are the envy of all.

The flooring for any of the above stated pushup has to be safe and should provide you the necessary cushion when you try these pushups as you will once in a while fall. Fab Floorings India is a Rubber Flooring Manufacturer that provides high quality rubber flooring that can be varies according to thickness to provide you the right amount of safety and cushion to make those tricky maneuvers.

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