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Childhood is an age of exploration and adventure. Everything is held in awe, toddlers need to touch and feel everything and once they find that they have strength, they will even throw and indulge in fights with other toddlers. It is but a child’s nature to indulge in constant states of accelerated activities as there is a buzz of energy inside them. This buzz of energy though adorable is also a cause of worry for parents and guardians alike, the constant running around of a child leads to broken items, cuts, bruises and sometimes fights. This leads to a lot of talk about safety and a safe environment for kids. Now, you cannot have children sit at home all day and neither can you have a playground within the confines of your home. A sedentary lifestyle is not going to do any good for your kid’s health and a play area within the living confines of your home will make your house look like a dump yard with every item that you hold dear broken into pieces. So…..What do you do?

To ensure that this constant worry does not give you sleepless nights, the concept of a kid’s playground was developed, some of these are like little play pans but with bigger toys like swings and slides and also have sandboxes for kids to make castles. The playground’s consists of lot of play equipment for the children to keep them occupied. The benefit of a commercial, domestic, multi-residential complex and a backyard playground is that it provides a confined zone for children to play in and restricts their movement towards an unfamiliar environment which could prove detrimental for the child’s safety.

The biggest benefit of a playground for kids is that there are benches installed around them so that parents and guardians can keep an eye on their wards while indulging in their own favorite pass-times. This makes kids a little more careful, even though ensuring that a kid does not make mischief is like trying to ensure that the same cloud stays in one place, however a watchful eye still keeps the child from become a Dukes of Hazard style cowboy.

Wherever there are slides and swings and other swings for children there are bound to be mini-mishaps and occurrences which are menial in nature. From a safety point of view a child falling is a dangerous thing. However, if one follows a basic principle of using the right kind of flooring then once can ensure that any kind of fall does not result in an injury. This is where Rubber Flooring comes to the rescue.

Rubber floored playgrounds have a long lasting safety impact and since most of the rubber used in such a kind of flooring is recycled, it is the most eco friendly option available out there.  The flooring is available is varied amounts of thickness and you need to check the height  ratio of your playground compared to the ground to install the right kind of flooring to prevent any injury if someone should fall, and children do like to imitate Superman and Spider man, hence,’ fall they will’. The flooring acts like a shock absorbed and is easy to stand on providing a cushion like effect for any fall and jump. The flooring is fairly simple to install and can be installed over the weekend by experts or by the user themselves. Provided with the right ground surface it can last for a LONG- LONG time. Interlocking tiles ensure that you can just as easily remove the Rubber Flooring and clean the surface below and put it back together, also you can just hose the flooring down with water and since it is seepage proof you can rest assured that the surface remains dry at the top. You are also free from the worry of termites and other critters. The flooring is available in a wide variety of colors and you also have the option of flame resistant flooring should you have any worries of unscrupulous elements throwing cigarettes onto the ground in an open commercial playground. The thickness of a flooring and its quality matter a lot so as to avoid any chipping, chipping results in loose pieces lying about which a child can ingest, therefore, it is advisable to always check the rating and quality of the flooring being installed.

 The benefits and long activity of rubber based flooring far outweigh the initial cost that may act as a deterrent for most people looking for playground flooring and once you see the damages that other kinds of flooring options available in the market namely: wood and plastic based flooring can cause, you can be assured that you will be running for a rubber based flooring at the first available opportunity.

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QueenHajar Akanqi Professional   Entrepreneurship
Great post on play ground flooring for children. I owned and operated a child care center and also helped others get started. And one of the number one cause of children injuries is falling on the on the ground when playing. Thanks for your sharing your thoughts. Wish you success. :D
Jul 28th 2019 00:05   
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