Learn about the Cryptocurrencies with Potential to Generate the Highest Amount of Profit

by Ujjal Pahari SEO Manger

At present, there are thousands of active cryptocurrencies in the market and they are being traded with the ‘market cap/capitalization’ (worth of cryptocurrencies) of $201 billion. There are different ways to fund the digital currencies. However, it may become difficult for an individual, who is interested in investing the digital currency, to determine which currency is more profitable for investment. At present, some digital currencies are more popular than others. However, the value of the less popular cryptocurrencies may increase in the future whereas the value of popular digital currencies may go down. It is essential to learn in details about different types of digital currencies before planning for investment.

Bitcoin was the first digital currency to be invented and it is also the most popular digital currency. However, this digital currency has been through a fare share of ups and downs over the years. The price of this currency reached $20,000 in December 2017; however, it came down to $3,234 by the end of 2018. However, there has been a sharp increase in the value of BTC since then. Its value reached $40,000 by January 2021 and the market cap for this digital currency became more than $1 trillion by this time. Therefore, BTC account for higher than 69% of the digital currency market. This digital currency is known all over the world which makes it a safer option for investment for all investors in the asset class.

Bitcoin Cash is another digital currency that is considered safe for investment, as it is a variant of BTC. The Blockchain technology is used in order to collect a large volume of data regarding the transactions of different types of digital currencies. The conventional blocks can contain 1-MB of data. The rising popularity of BTC led to an increase in its transaction. This lead to the overloading of blocks containing data regarding the BTC transaction. It reduced the speed of transaction and increased the fee. To resolve this problem, the developers of this digital currency proposed a solution. They proposed to lessen the volume of data that is needed to be kept inside each block regarding each transaction.

This idea was not accepted by many developers and they found out another solution to resolve this issue. They developed a new version of the Bitcoin that is known as Bitcoin Cash. The blocks of BCH can store 8-MB of data which enables faster, economic and frequent transactions. With this scalability, BCH has the potential for growth better than any other type of digital currency which makes it one of the best cryptocurrency to Invest 2021.

The Litecoin or LTC is another digital currency that is regarded as the safe option for the investment. It was invented in order to resolve the complexities for the investors of cryptocurrencies. This particular digital currency includes several features of the BTC; however, a few features were altered for the modification. Invention of LTC increased the speed of digital currency transaction. It takes about 10 minutes for any transaction using BTC. However, this transaction can be completed within three minutes when LTC is used. The demand of LTC has increased due to this reason. It is likely to keep growing in the future. You may use this cryptocurrency in real estate or may make other types of investment.

All of the aforementioned cryptocurrencies can be used in real-estate along with Ether or ETH. This is another popular digital currency that is likely to notice an increase in demand in the future. It has a market cap of approximately $139 billion which puts it next to the Bitcoin. You have to use a particular software platform that is known as Ethereum if you want to exchange ETH. However, this platform can be used for the investment of other digital currencies.

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