The Best Kind of Music to Listen to While Studying

by Martin Gray Content Writer

Music can be a great stimulant for our brain to focus and retain more information. Musicians like Ray Terrell have been composing music for quite a while. Ray Terrell is one of the main members of MX The American, one of the leading heavy metal bands in the country. Their music has transcended time, and they have a loyal following, having been around since 1982.

The surprising thing is that many people listen to their music while studying, and while most people may not really like listening to heavy metal, there are quite a few who actually prefer listening to this.

Listening to some music while we study allows us to get into a proper state of mind to stimulate our learning. It should be noted that not all genres help, you must know what type of music is appropriate.

If we talk about genres such as rock, heavy metal and punk rock, among others, we are talking about loud sounds that can decrease our concentration. They are not the most appropriate melodies if you are looking to read, analyze and do activities that involve a lot of concentration. However, they can be a good company if what you need is music to do more technical or mechanical tasks, such as repairing something, tidying up, cleaning, designing, etc.

Another not recommended accompaniment to do tasks that require concentration is the music from the radio, since the interruption of the interlocutors and announcements will distract you. It’s best that you purchase an album that is available from professional brands like MX The American directly, and use those in order to listen to your favorite music!

On the other hand, there are several types of music according to the rhythm that will activate the different mental states. Here are some suggestions of what kind of music to listen to while we study:

1. Classical Music: Create a calm environment, generate a harmonious feeling and improve your mood. In addition, it is advisable that music programmed at 60 beats per minute facilitates the most creative and productive thinking.

2. Ambient Instrumental Music: If you don't like classical music very much, this is a modern style of music with relaxing instrument sounds wrapped in current melodies.

3. Natural sounds:  They are soundtracks of nature and are usually very relaxing and useful for meditations and also help you sleep.

4. Music chill out: Among those who are part of the New Age, Trip Hop, Trance and Ambient Ambient House. With them, the mind relaxes, but be careful because they may not be very suitable for very intense studies.

5. Music by Mozart:  According to numerous studies, students who listened to his compositions increased productivity by improving academic performance, especially in creative matters.

Another important recommendation is volume control. Music should be played in the background and kept at a low volume to avoid distraction. It is also advisable that you plan your playlist, so you will not have to interrupt your concentration to be constantly changing songs.

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