The Benefits of Installing Acoustic Panels

by Gerald Hynes Sontext Business owner
Acoustic Panels are designed to minimize reverberation and excessive background noise in interior spaces. Unwanted background noise is a universal problem in urban environments, and can be particularly troublesome in commercial interiors that are designed for listening or communicating, such as lecture theaters, concert halls, music venues and reception areas. Even in the workplace, background noise in boardrooms, open plan offices, and noisy workshops can be disturbing for people and make clear communication difficult.

The most common type of Acoustic Panel around the world consist of a rigid backing material such as MDF, and a sound absorbing core, or infill, covered with a porous but stylish fabric. These panels are therefore lightweight, so they can easily be fixed to existing wall and ceiling linings like plaster, masonry or timber. Panel dimensions can usually be varied by negotiation with the manufacturer to suit project requirements. The acoustic infill controls the panels thickness. The various thicknesses suit the range of frequencies that may be encountered in the interior space being treated.

Benefits that Acoustic Panels can offer:

1. Improved sound quality: The primary advantage of installing acoustic panels on interior walls or ceilings is effective sound control. By reducing reflected sound – known as reverberation or “echo” – direct sound waves are clearer and of speech, music or performance is of higher quality.

2. Enhanced Interior Decor: Acoustic Panels are designed to look attractive. The range of modern, colourful facing fabrics on the market is huge. Most commercial fabric manufacturers carry a range of porous, fire-rated specialty fabrics for Acoustic Panel facing. There is no need to hide them – rather, you can flaunt them and coordinate them with existing interior decor!

3. Art Panels: Acoustic Panels can be wrapped in printable, original fabrics that allow sound to pass through and be absorbed by the insulation inside. Some Acoustic Panel manufacturers, like Australian company Sontext, can print facing fabrics with high quality images such as company logos, photographs or artwork to provide stylish feature panels. Sontext printed panels are known by the trade name Art Panels. Whether you install the panels on the ceiling or place them along walls, acoustic panels can perfectly blend with the beauty of your interior design.

4. Stress reduction for Building Occupants: Acoustic panels not only minimize unwanted sound, they actually also reduce mental stress. A noisy environment, caused by excessive background sound can be the reason building occupants become tired and irritated; especially inside office or retails shops, banks and other enclosed areas. Acoustic panels can help reduce noise and diminish stress in these areas.

5. Increased Productivity: Installing acoustic panels in work spaces like offices and shopping malls can even help in increasing productivity of employees. Less noise means greater productivity.

6. Easy installation and maintenance: Another great advantage of installing Acoustic Panels is cost-effective installation and maintenance. No matter whether you need acoustic panels for your office rooms, auditorium, studio, restaurant, theater or even classroom, these sound control panels are easy to install and de-mount. The facing fabrics available are easy to clean with soft cloth and soapy water.

Australian company Sontext manufacture and supply Acoustic Art Panels around the world. Sontext can assist with choosing the style, dimensions and facing materials from the huge range available to satisfy your requirements. Please visit their website for more information.

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