Sound Reasons for Installing Acoustic Ceiling Panels

by Gerald Hynes Sontext Business owner
Acoustic ceiling panels are designed to absorb sound waves, rather than reflect them. They can do this because they are manufactured with a porous surface, unlike the smooth harder surfaces of wall and ceiling materials like plaster or masonry. These harder surfaces tend to reflect sound in an interior space, contributing to what we know as “noise”, or reverberation. This unwanted noise can be unpleasant for building occupants, and can even cause on-going problems like stress, tiredness, or communication difficulties.

Types of using Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Acoustic Ceiling Panels are available in many forms, however the most common finishes are manufactured from: 

1. A high quality, fully tested, sound absorbing insulation covered with a porous specialty fabric, such as Sontext Serenity Acoustic Panels.

2. Semi-rigid fibrous insulation panels with a porous coating finish, such as Sontext Sonofonic Acoustic Panels.

3. Wood or Timber, slotted, perforated or grooved to allow sound waves to pass through, such as Sontext Murano Acoustic Ceiling Panels.

Benefits of Acoustic Ceiling Panels

1. Improved sound quality : Sound absorbing ceiling panels will not only absorb excess noise but will also increase the quality of acoustics for listeners. Sound produced will become clearer without being distorted by reflections. In large spaces such as concert hall, school auditoriums and lecture theatres where amplified sound may be used for performances or presentations, minimizing ‘echo’ or reverberation, can be particularly important for sound quality.

2. Stress reduction : Stress levels for communicators like teachers or presenters can increase markedly if background noise causes strained voices for long periods. Unwanted background noise in also irritating for office workers, in restaurants and in shopping centers. Acoustic Ceiling and Wall panels are designed to minimize unwanted sound in all these spaces.

3. An aesthetic environment : Acoustic Ceiling Panels are available in a huge range of fabric colours and perforation patterns to match any existing interior decor or new design.

4. Predictable Sound Absorption : The ideal background sound levels for interior spaces can vary for different building uses. For example, the optimal acoustic treatment for a library will almost certainly be different than for a cafe. Choosing Acoustic Ceiling and Wall Panels from an established, experienced manufacturer like Sontext, means that the product is fully tested. Importantly, this in turn means that the sound absorption characteristics are predictable, so surface area of panels required to achieve the required background sound level can be easily estimated.

Sontext specialists can assist in providing further information on the above mentioned products, and can also help in choosing styles and finishes and colours to integrate Acoustic Panels into existing interior decor. Please contact Sontext via the website

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