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by Gerald Hynes Sontext Business owner
Unwanted background noise in public spaces like shopping centers, conference rooms or entertainment facilities can be disturbing, and even stressful, for occupants.Interior spaces with this problem can benefit from the installation of sound absorbing Acoustic Ceiling Panels or Acoustic Baffles. These panels have been designed to minimize excess noise by absorbing reverberation. Reverberation can be described as “echo”, or sound waves that are reflected off hard surfaces. These reflections can adversely affect sound quality, and in severe cases distort the original sound to the point where communication is difficult. Think of very noisy cafes or “boomy” public halls, for example. The primary objective of acoustic panels is not to absorb sound entirely, but to control and reduce the excess sound to a certain level, thus ensuring the ambience of an interior space suits the purpose for which it was designed. The criteria for acoustic absorption in a library, for example: is quite different than the requirement for a busy, bustling cafe.

It is an easy task to find a finish and style that satisfies the aesthetic and design requirements of a space, with the plethora of Acoustic Panels available in the market.  However, it is also critical to find products that actually perform efficiently over the sound frequency range expected. For example: 25mm or 50mm thick Acoustic Ceiling Panels or hanging Baffles are commonly used to absorb sound where the sound source is generated by people (i.e. voice frequencies). On the other hand, frequencies expected by music, or machinery, may require even thicker panels, or advice from an acoustic consultant.

Benefits of Acoustic Panels and Baffles

1. Improved Sound Quality: The primary advantage of using acoustic panels is effective interior sound control. Annoying background sound is a problem to avoid, especially where communication is critical, as in recording studios, conference rooms, auditoriums, hospitals, etc. Reducing the unwanted and excess reflected sound ensures a higher quality experience for performers, speakers. and listeners.

2.  Enhanced Interior Decor: Acoustic panels can be manufactured from many materials, but most commonly are fabric wrapped or perforated timber. They form part of the interior decor.Usually, they consist of a sound absorbing infill, covered with a porous but stylish fabric or perforated, veneered timber facing. A huge variety of porous fabric facing colors and patterns are available from most leading suppliers.

3. Stress Reduction: Acoustic Panels not only minimize unwanted sound to improve sound quality, they also act to reduce annoyance for building occupants, and even mental stress for workers and others that may otherwise be exposed to high noise levels for extended periods, for example workers in offices, workshops or retail shops.

4. Easy installation and maintenance: A great advantage of using Acoustic Panels is the ability to retrofit wall or ceiling panels to virtually any interior lining material.

Sontext is an Australian manufacturer of Serenity brand, Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels and Baffles, and Murano Perforated Timber Panels. Sontext supplies acoustic panels to projects throughout the word.

Please contact Sontext acoustic specialists via the website for product information or advice.

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