The 5 Most Common Refrigerator Issues to Watch Out For

by Hitachi Service Center Repair Services

A refrigerator is one of the most important kitchen appliances. A homeowner needs it on a daily basis. Any problem in your refrigerator can cause stress so make sure you take proper care of your appliance. For this, you need to call a reliable Hitachi refrigerator service center so that you do not take a risk with your appliance.

If your refrigerator is acting up and you are not able to find out the problem, this article will offer you great help. Let's see what the common refrigerator issues are and how to troubleshoot them.

1. Fridge Not Cooling

Your refrigerator must keep the food between 37 and 41 degrees. If while opening the door of your refrigerator you feel warm air, there is a problem in your refrigerator.

Troubleshooting tips:

·       Make sure your refrigerator is receiving power. If you can see a light when you open the door, you can move further.

·       Start with adjusting the thermostat of your refrigerator.

·       Unlock the vents which blow cold air into the refrigerator to make sure there is sufficient airflow.

·       Clean the condenser coils which are under or behind the fridge to improve the cooling performance.

If your refrigerator is still facing the same problem, maybe the condenser fan or evaporator fan is broken. You must call the Hitachi service center in Hussain Ganj for help.


2. Everything in the Refrigerator is Freezing

You can also face the opposite problem with your refrigerator when the temperature drops to low. In this case, everything in your fridge will freeze.

Look for these components:

·       A thermostat which is used to control the temperature direct power to the evaporator fan motor and the compressor. To check whether the thermostat is defective or not, rotate knob to the highest setting to listen to a click sound. If you hear it one time, a thermostat is not defective.

·       Next, you need to look for the thermistor which sends the temperature reading to the control board. To find out if it is defective, perform a multimeter test. For this, you require professional help so you must call Hitachi service center to fix the issue.


3. Frost in the Freezer

If your freezer is a decade old, you can find the problem of frost buildup in the freezer. If you notice this problem, look for a cracked door seal which allows warm and moist air to enter. This is the most common cause of Frost in the freezer. You can also expect a problem with your refrigerators defrost sensor. You will require the help of professionals in this case.

4. Broken Ice Maker

Modern refrigerators come with a built-in ice maker. If the ice maker stops producing suddenly, you can do the following things:

·       Before you start the troubleshooting process, turn off the valve to the household water supply.

·       The water inlet valve must be open.

·       Vacuum the water filter or replace it if required.

Once you have recognized the problem correctly you will be able to explain the professional well about the problem. Still, if you fail to detect the problem, you can call Hitachi Refrigerator Service Centre and take refrigerator repair help from an experienced and skilled technician who will diagnose the problem instantly and provide you all the feasible solutions. 

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