Teach your child to don by oneself- tips for parent.

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When your toddlers start choosing their favorite dress and reject what you want them to wear, it is a cue that they are ready to start dressing on their own. Toddlers slowly try to exert independence and try to do things on their own after a certain age, such as try to button down a shirt or slipping down their favorite sweater and other things on their own, say a senior faculty at one of the best schools in North Delhi. It might be a while when they can perform all this by their own perfectly, without any mistakes, as mastering self-dressing skill is a big deal. With little help from us, they can slowly and surely learn the skill and have a happy and stress-free experience, advice a child care expert at one of the top schools in North Delhi.


Toddlers generally from age two or three starts taking interest in dressing themselves up. They keenly observe and with slight encouragements form parents and caregivers start picking up this skill and they grow. However, learning to dress oneself involve multiple complicated cognitive and motor skills and develops from a slow and gradual process of discovery, practices and motor ability, explains a  child expert at one of the best school in North Delhi.


For motivation and encouragement, they must have a pleasurable experience with the learning process. Mistakes are made by everyone and should be taken lightly as a part of the learning process .Children must be motivated to keep on trying. The most important thing is to let them try and help them only when asked. Step in only when they get frustrated trying on their own so that they move towards being independence. Emotionally, also they must feel strong and confident and not negative of their efforts and not want to give up.


Few steps for parents to assist the child in getting started:


When a child takes initial steps to show their independence there are few things parents can do regarding educating their little ones of taking initial steps on dressing-up, observes a senior faculty and parenting expert at one of the top schools in North Delhi.

1.        Limited choices:

Do not ask them to choose from a wardrobe full of clothes instead, you pick the right outfit for the occasion and climate and ask to pick one. In this manner, they will not get confused and frustrate.

2.      Educating:

It is important that they know what to wear and when. Educate them on different types of garments as per the weather conditions. All types of clothes must be introduced to them including cotton shorts, skirts, trousers, shorts, T-shirts, sweaters, windcheater, party clothes, and so forth.

 Name each piece of clothing and teach  where it is worn.It is our job to introduce them to various pieces and tell them where they go. For example, socks for feet, pants for the lower body and so on.

3.      Easily wearable  :

Children must always wear easy, wearable, and comfortable garments, especially those with elasticated bands and Velcro shoes etc.  Avoid difficult buttoned up pants and garments with hooks.Not only it will frustrate them but also, their motor skills are not that developed. And children use restrooms often and these things might just make undressing difficult for them and the caregivers.


Each child develops at their own pace and time - one may learn quickly other might take time. Be patient with them while they learn and grow their complex motor skills. All the best!

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