New Age learning - Textbook learning versus project-based learning

by Presidium School Schools

With the ever-evolving technology, traditionally used ‘chalk and talk’ method of lecture sessions and teaching is becoming obsolete these days. Many tenured teachers in senior secondary schools in Delhi are emphasizing the use of technology and digital mediums in classrooms and teaching methods. PGTs in Delhi Public School and other renowned schools in Delhi says that new generation is more comfortable with collaborative and online technology-based learning rather notebook and toolkits based or textbook-based learning of previous generations. The learners are more keen towards learning via project-based methods, that too when it includes researching from online videos, websites, online forums, digital libraries, etc. The students in high schools in Delhi are well-equipped with modern digital aids such as smart phones, laptops, tablets, either in school labs or at home. So, it becomes even easier to incorporate the use of such modern technologies into the curriculum.

These days in many senior secondary schools in Delhi, like DPS, Modern Public, G.D Goenka, Presidium, Bal Bharti and others, have started implementing and engaging students in real-world project-based learning. Rather than learning from a textbook, students actually experience the field and research, based on survey, and prepare presentations/ documentaries for their credits or scores. Especially, when these are infused with technology it may feel more interesting to the digital age students, as described by one of the Principals in one of the best schools in Delhi.

Lets us see how the new-age infused project-based learning is the better option than textbook traditional learning:

·         Project-based learning Build Strong Foundation

Even centuries ago, our Greek educationists and philosophers challenged the methods wherein students act as the passive recipients of knowledge, and they were the early proponents of 'learning by doing' as our modern day’s school instructors in top senior secondary schools in Delhi. It has been argued since ages that active participation of students in an ongoing learning environment prepares them for life which is the ultimate goal of education. Many scientists, over the ages, proved that students, when building their knowledge upon questioning, investigating, interacting and reflecting on these experiences, it becomes their part of knowledge, as observed by many teachers of best high schools in Delhi.

·         Project-based learning from real life

Many veteran teachers, in senior secondary schools in Delhi, emphasize learning to form real-life project-based experiences to be the best in imparting the best concepts and pertinent for better retention. Project-based learning challenges students in solving problems, through simulations method, which mimic real-life situations. Sometimes, project-based students required researching, investigating, constructing their own solutions, hence it always better than the basic textbook version of learning. This has thus evolved as a method of instruction which is rigorous, relevant and hands-on, more useful for better retention as observed by many teachers in high schools in Delhi.

·         Apt for a New Century

There are many factors, as observed by veteran teachers in top senior secondary schools in Delhi, that made projects based learning as best 21st-century strategy for education. Engaging diverse e-learning mediums is the trends these days in best high schools in Delhi. These modern-day children have a pool of information freely available to them. Restricting them to the only textbook is not justifiable. They should research on a digital medium, use free Wikipedia and other encyclopedias. When they will research independently, they will face challenges, work collaboratively, and think indicatively, that may prepare them for life.

·         New Challenges for Teachers for project-based learning

Besides students, Projects-based learning brings more challenges and dynamism in teachers work as well. These projects require planning and management skills from teachers end describes veterans from senior secondary schools in Delhi. Teacher this way feel empowered and their role shifts from lecturers to facilitators.

Needless to say, that project-based method of learning is slowly gathering momentum and education community will continue evolving this approach, making it an even powerful method of preparing students and empowering them for future.

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