Taking Care Of Your Eye After Cataract Surgery

by Dr. Leon F. Cohn Eye Specialist
Eyes are the most delicate organ of our body that helps us to see this wonderful world. So, taking care of them should be on top-notch priority. Laser eye surgery for cataracts offers numerous advantages over traditional surgery, but some distinctions will make a big difference. Yes, it could be better at breaking up the protein clumps on the surface of the cornea, which occur due to cataracts, and makes laser surgery a better alternative to the traditional treatment. A laser Retinal specialist Florida speaks out for the American Academy of ophthalmology said that the softening of cataracts creates a reduced chance of damage to the eye.

How to take care of your eye after the cataracts surgery? 

It is crucial to take precautions after cataract surgery. It helps your eyes to heal more quickly. Taking care of the eyes is equally important and necessary to prevent any infections that can restrict your eye from restoring your vision. Taking proper care of your eye is essential as the recovery time varies from person to person.

Some general precaution for everyone:

  • When you are going to leave the hospital after your surgery, wear an eye shield or sunglasses to protect your eye from dust and potential injury while you are going back to your native place.
  • Keep using the eye shield for at least a month through the day and a week at night to avoid any infections. 
  • Clean your sunglasses and eyeshield daily with disinfecting soap and water and ensure that they are dry well before using again.

Follow the following eye washing technique

Step one: Wash-up your hands with soap and water and use a clean towel to dry them. 

Step two: Use distilled water or boiled water and cool it to clean the eye. Dip a gauze piece or a cotton ball in the water and then gently tab on the eyelid and eye margins. Swipe the gauze piece from the inner corner (close to the nose) to the outer corner of the eye. 

Step three: Clean the upper eyelid. Looking upward, clean all the sticky discharges gently. Then clean the lower eyelid. Look down and wipe off the sticky discharge if there is any.

It is necessary to maintain good hygiene of the operated eye, so one must follow these simple steps at least twice a day. Do not splash the water directly into your eyes. Do not open your eyes while swiping the fluid-like substance. Do not press the operated eye. You may need the guidance of the best cataract surgeons in Florida in the case of pediatric patients.

Avoid things such as:

  • Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes. 
  • Do not use any eye cosmetics. 
  • Avoid exercise or any physical strenuous work. 
  • Avoid strain at the toilet. Avoid sexual activities for at least a week or two. 
  • Avoid swimming till confirmed by your laser Retinal specialist Florida
  • Avoid the excessive use of computer cellphone or television. 
  • Avoid washing up the face with soap as it can enter the treated eye. Use a gentle wipe through a wet cloth. 
  • Avoid washing your head for at least three weeks. Otherwise, you are allowed to have a bath. 
  • Avoid driving or flying. 
  • Do not attend to too many visitors to prevent infections. 
  • Do not skip your follow-ups with your laser Retinal specialist florida.

The last word 

One can pursue laser treatment as it does not involve any considerable risks and provides quick results as well as recovery. Well, you would not be able to drive immediately after your treatment, but retinal ophthalmologists would estimate that patients can return to their habitual routine as soon as the day after the treatment. The patients are requested to avoid any dusty or dirty work for a few days after the treatment. Conceding laser retinal treatment is worth it because you can get nearly perfect vision within a day.

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