Is Laser Retinal Treatment A Better Solution?

by Dr. Leon F. Cohn Eye Specialist
Laser treatments help to counter vivid retinal problems. Though each laser treatment undergoes differently, yet there are several usual features involved in each treatment. Retinal laser treatments undergo to treat patients suffering from blurry vision problems and many more.

Would you face any pain?

If you undergo laser, treatment you will be facing some mild discomfort, depending on what type of treatment you are going for and what anesthetics are involved in the procedure. Mostly anesthetic eye drops are required to numb the eyes for the treatment. In some cases, an anesthetic injection is required to pursue the treatment that involves substantial discomfort. Let us make it clear the injunction is not injected in the eye. It is administered in the eyelid next to the eye. The use of injection depends on how extensive the treatment is going to be as well as several other factors involved in the process.

Let us know about the process 

Before the process, a pair of contact lenses is placed on the eye with the help of anesthetic medication that you are not going to feel when done. During actual retinal laser plantation, the use of bright light is a must so that the doctor can see the area of the retina that is to be treated. One can face a blurry vision problem for several hours after the procedure. It may also take some days for the vision to return to its pre-laser levels depending upon the type of laser treatment you undergo.

Estimated time for retinal laser plantation 

The actual time of laser treatment itself takes not more than 20 minutes, but it may take two hours or more for the entire visit, which involves eye testing plantation, the preparation involved in the process, and post-treatment care. It may take some extra time for the dilation of the eye so, the whole process may take around 4-5 hours.

Plus sides of laser treatment

If you are an eyeglass wearer, then there is a wealth of benefits for you. You can have:

Improved vision after the LASIK treatment

According to studies, about 95% of the patients that undergo LASIK surgery achieve 20/40 visual acuity and more than 80% achieve 20/20 vision or better than that.

Laser treatment provides long-lasting results

Yes, the results of LASIK treatment are permanent, but there are .01% chances of failure. No, further follow-ups are required. Unless the surgery is over or under-corrected to repair a vision, the patient with improved eyesight will last-long. Until or unless if any illness occurs that results in loss again. The aging factor will be the only reason for the loss of vision.

Recovery process 

Once the treatment is over, it may feel like itchy or irritation in the eye for a few hours. A headache and some eye discomfort are common symptoms after laser treatment. You can ask your laser retinal specialist Florida, for some acceptable pain killers to vanish the discomfort. Most doctors do not prescribe strong pain-killers. They recommend patients to relax for the day and avoid some tasks like driving or going back to your office for work. But usually, you will be able to pursue your daily activities the following day.

One can pursue laser retinal treatment as it does not involve any considerable risks and provides quick results as well as recovery. Well, you would not be able to drive immediately after your treatment, but retinal ophthalmologists would estimate that patients can return to their habitual routine as soon as the day after the treatment. The patients are requested to avoid any dusty or dirty work for a few days after the treatment. Conceding laser retinal treatment is worth it because you can get nearly perfect vision within a day.

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