Laser Surgery For Cataracts: Before and after care

by Dr. Leon F. Cohn Eye Specialist
Cataracts are one of s common eye problems and can be treated. There are several tests carried out to diagnose eye cataracts. A clouding of the eye’s natural lens condition is known as an eye cataract. The eye lens lies in between the iris and the pupil. A cataract may grow larger over time if not diagnosed. Eventually, one can find it difficult to see if it spreads to a bigger portion of the eye lens.

An eye cataract is diagnosed by an ophthalmologist, by performing eye testing plantation. It is a series of tests, which usually includes a comprehensive eye examination and various eye testing procedures.

The retinal laser treatment for cataracts: How is it performed? 

Before the process, a pair of contact lens is placed on the eye with the help of anesthetic medication that you are not going to feel when done. During actual retinal laser plantation, the use of bright light is a must so that the doctor can see the area of the retina that is to be treated. One can face a blurry vision problem for several hours after the procedure. It may also take some days for the vision to return to its pre-laser levels depending upon the type of laser treatment you undergo.

How long it takes to complete the procedure? 

The actual time of laser treatment itself takes not more than 20 minutes, but it may take two hours or more for the entire visit, which involves eye testing plantation, the preparation involved in the process, and post-treatment care. It may take some extra time for the dilation of the eye so, the whole process may take around 4-5 hours.

Recovery process 

Once the treatment is over, it may feel itchy or irritation in the eye for a few hours. A headache and some eye discomfort are common symptoms after laser treatment. You can ask your laser retinal specialist Florida, for some acceptable pain killers to vanish the discomfort. Most doctors do not prescribe strong pain-killers. They recommend patients to relax for the day and avoid some tasks like driving or going back to your office for work. But usually, you will be able to pursue your daily activities the following day.

How to take care of your eye after the cataracts surgery? 

It is crucial to take precautions after cataract surgery. It helps your eyes to heal more quickly. Taking care of the eyes is equally important and necessary to prevent any infections that can restrict your eye from restoring your vision. Taking proper care of your eye is essential as the recovery time varies from person to person.

Some general precaution for everyone:

  • When you are going to leave the hospital after your surgery, wear an eye shield or sunglasses to protect your eye from dust and potential injury while you are going back to your native place. 
  • Keep using the eye shield for at least a month through the day and a week at night to avoid any infections. 
  • Clean your sunglasses and eyeshield daily with disinfecting soap and water and ensure that they are dry well before using again.

Follow the following eye washing technique.

  • Step one: Wash-up your hands with soap and water and use a clean towel to dry them. 
  • Step two: Use distilled water or boiled water and cool it to clean the eye. Dip a gauze piece or a cotton ball in the water and then gently tab on the eyelid and eye margins. Swipe the gauze piece from the inner corner (close to the nose) to the outer corner of the eye.
  • Step three: Clean the upper eyelid. Looking upward, clean all the sticky discharges gently. Then clean the lower eyelid. Look down and wipe off the sticky discharge if there is any.

It is necessary to maintain good hygiene of the operated eye, so one must follow these simple steps at least twice a day. Do not splash the water directly into your eyes. Do not open your eyes while swiping the fluid-like substance. Do not press the operated eye. You may need the guidance of the best cataract surgeons in Florida in the case of pediatric patients.

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