Study Emotions with Anxiety Specialist Austin

by Mr. Bridges Psychologist Consultant USA

Life is a rollercoaster ride. You might be extremely happy and you could also be extremely sad at some moment. These fluctuations in our emotions lead to stress and anxiety as explained by a specialist in EMDR therapy in Austin

We all use social apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. and there we also use many different types of emojis.

These emojis depict different emotions which we use to convey our feelings. Similarly, our emotions in daily life also convey different thoughts. Anxiety specialist Austin took initiation in explaining the emotions with proper meaning to all of us. Let’s have a look at them:



It is a feeling of happiness and pleasure. It also reminds us that what is more important to us. This feeling can be recognized by expressions such as smiling, laughing, relaxing voice tone and body language.



This emotion arises when something unexpected happens in one’s life. That could be negative, positive, or even neutral. Any individual may get surprised by things like a balloon popping, winning a game, mishappening, etc. This feeling is often expressed in the form of yelling, screaming, widened eyes, opening mouth and so on.



This feeling is the outcome of any unwanted or unexpected results. It can be defined as disappointment, hopelessness, and grief. People often feel helpless and lonely when they are sad. This sadness will get converted to depression in no time if left untreated.

Individuals who are sad express their sorrow by writing, crying, letting themselves alone, and quietness.



It is the outcome of a situation when someone does wrong with you or if did something not tolerable. Anger if controlled, is good to fight against all the problems; however, if uncontrolled then it could be dangerous and results in violence, aggression, and abuse. Anger can be expressed in many ways like loud voice, frowned looks, rude behavior, ignorance, and many more.



We develop a feeling of fear when we face any danger. When someone is having fear due to anything, then muscles become tense, heart rate and respiration rise, and they become more alert. The positive point of fear is that it protects us from the danger as we become alert and apply efforts to overcome the fear.


All in all, above are some of the emotions that we all deal with within our daily life. Few of the emotions are enlisted in the anxiety symptoms by Austin bridges... Never let the negative sides of all emotions overrule your mental well-being.


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